(Almost) Complete Vocal Rest

That seems to be the best suggestion to healing my voice right now. Well, that and possibly to see an otolaryngologist

My throat started to hurt early last week. I thought to myself, “Sure, whatever… I’m getting sick and that sucks because I need to sing a high C for the graduation ceremonies my a cappella group will be singing at.” But, nothing happened. It just kept hurting and I didn’t get sick. Then, a few days later, it felt like the sore throat was going away. I was ecstatic! Now, this whole time I had still been singing. Not as much as I normally do, but enough to satisfy my love for it. Friday came along and I met someone new. Talking was crucial at this point! My throat felt fine and I could talk easily. Later that night, I went swing dancing like I usually do on Friday nights. I guess I was way too happy or something since I hadn’t been able to go swing dancing (because of various performances and finals week…which also means lack of sleep). I had been on a two-week hiatus from dancing. It was torture. So, I danced the night away and laughed and sang along and possibly screamed in joy… Well, around midnight, it hit that my voice was slowly disappearing. You know what EVERYONE does when they hear they are going hoarse, right? You scream and keep talking because it’s hilarious!!! Well, I did just that. I went home and, around 2 AM, my voice was completely gone. I found it funny but scary at the same time because I had to sing the next day at my friend’s graduation. I guess that wasn’t happening… Saturday came along and so did the graduation ceremony. My voice was indeed hoarse and I was unable to sing. I stood up on stage and mouthed the words while everyone else sang. Oh well. The day continued and I went to my best friend’s grad lunch, hung out with her and her family, and then her grad dinner…and then my other friend’s grad dinner and hang out. There was hoarse talking and hoarse laughing, but it didn’t hurt or seem to be getting worse. At the time of my second friend’s grad dinner, my voice was actually getting better…like it just needed to be warmed up. For the “hang out,” we went to a lounge in Irvine and drank. I hardly had some of my own drink at dinner, but I didn’t have anything at the lounge because I didn’t want to. The music was blasting and my friends and I decided to get up and show those people how to dance. We danced and danced and danced! There was no stopping us! Of course, I decided to sing at the top of my lungs…and whatever would come out would come out because no one could hear me anyway. Bad life choice. My a cappella group also had to sing at one of Sunday’s graduation ceremonies…four of us were at the lounge last night. I could hear it in their voices that everyone was tired from the night before…but I was the only one with no voice whatsoever. =(

I’ll deal. At least I have summer break now and, although I’m going back home and I’m going to be reunited with friends there, I’ll try to continue this vocal rest. Let me tell you that it’s been a difficult…nine hours…and I’ve managed to only say about 10 words! Well, if it’s proven to help me recover…I’ll do anything!

I found an article with a pretty interesting list of things that may happen while on vocal rest… Click here to read it. It made me silently chuckle.

Also, this was quite interesting.

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