Women & Our Bodies

This quarter at UCI I’m in a class called Anthro 136K: Woman and the Body. When I first signed up for the class, I thought to myself “Ohhhh this’ll be an easy class!” Turns out, it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. Well, it is in the workload and all, but it’s difficult because it brings up issues every class that sometimes I’ve never had to respond to. I may have had thoughts and feelings on some of the issues, like women’s rights, how women are portrayed in today’s society, why women think the way they do, etc. I had no idea that this class would delve so deep into these societal issues. I’m so glad I’m in the class. I’m gaining a new perspective about my life. I love it.

Now I will try to explain what I’m talking about when I say societal issues… Take, for example, the two classes I had last week… Two of the most important clips we saw were:

Dreamworlds 3: Desire, Sex, & Power

Dreamworlds 3, part 7

These two clips were the epitome of emotions for me. I had no idea that I have been surrounded with these images of women that we are thought of as sexual objects… We are animals that go crazy with the thought of attractive men… Our bodies are gazed upon in fragments… Our worth is as good as the body we maintain…

What a crazy world we live in… What is wrong with society?

After watching these clips and after searching for others on this same note (I came across “War Zone“) and couldn’t help but think “Wow… this is so true.”

How in the world will women ever be treated as human beings when this society shows us that we are supposed to act like animals?

How in the world will a woman ever be appreciated for being a woman and not just a sexual object?

No wonder so many women (and little girls “Dana the 8 year old anorexic“) today have eating disorders and other problems with their bodies. No wonder women gaze upon models and movie stars with hatred and jealousy. No wonder women are unhappy with their lives. This society has made the image of the movie star and the supermodel the ideal body for women. Celebrities are idolized for their slender but busty bodies… their perfectly made up faces… their carefully placed hair… Most women are not this image though. I wish most men would realize this and would take this to account.

Women are not just objects of sexual desire… So stop making us those objects!

If you go to UCI, please take my advice and take this class (even if you’re a dude)! It’s opened my eyes to how unbelievably stupid our society has become… Please, please take the class!