Relationship drama.

All of this relationship drama is getting really f*cking annoying to be honest.



It may seem like the hardest thing in the world…but sometimes you have to forget about the people who forget about you.

Like high school friends…you just have to let go of the bad ones because they drag you down. If they don’t make an effort to keep you in their lives, drop ’em.

Like exes…you need to “forgive and forget” or you can’t move on. No matter how hard I try with some people, I just can’t lose that one little bit that remains and haunts and angers. Grudges. WTF? Why am I the one that holds them?

Like activities? When you try multiple times and it still doesn’t work out…I guess that means that it’s time to let go of that desire…that hope…that goal.

It just sucks when you HAVE to see those people all the time because of various clubs and stuff that you are in together. Ugh…sometimes I just want to quit everything and start anew somewhere else…somewhere that’s not here…here where I have to see people I don’t like anymore.