Where’s the commitment?!

I just don’t see anyone with as much commitment as me in a few of the groups I’m involved in. Most of the time now I just think to myself… “What if I wasn’t in this group anymore?! What would happen? Would it fall apart?!” ‘Cause it really feels like I’m the glue… I’m the one holding it together. I’m the one making sure everyone’s doing their duties. I’m the one keeping everyone in check.

I can’t afford to slack off. I can’t afford to miss or skip like the others do. I’m crucial.

Well, what the f*ck. Why should I put in THIS MUCH EFFING EFFORT if no one matches it?! What good does that do me? I just stress myself the f*ck out and take on more tasks because no one gives a sh*t anymore. Where the f*ck is the commitment?!


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