Could it be…?

…fluttering wings in my stomach again.

They were the result of listening to his arrangement being sung live.

What does it mean?

I thought it was done. I thought I was done.

Why are these feelings coming back all of a sudden?

I want to be over it all. I want to move on already.

I started to realize just in this past week that he was right. I can do so much better. He never did half the things my other friends’ S.O.s do for them anyway.

I don’t need any of it. I was happier without all of it anyway, so why would I want to change that when things were going so well?

Ugh, look at me now…confused…longing…living in a bittersweet torment from constantly being surrounded by cuteness and romanticism.

Why am I even feeling these emotions still? “…because he was the first person you really cared about like ‘that,'” says one of my good friends. Well, when does this feeling end? ‘Cause it sucks…

Does he even feel the same way? Does he think of me as much as I think of him? Does he even still have feelings for me??? …probably not.

He did say that he didn’t want me to like him anymore. Oh gosh…well, he’s really upping his standoffish behavior. Does he really think that’s going to work? …’cause it just makes me miss him that much more. It just makes me wonder why he’s being so weird and awkward.


…but…every once in a while…a stare that lasts too long…a glance that is accidentally caught…a hug that lasts for more time than it should…

These dumb lingering feelings…

No. I need to stop.

Currently listening to “Set Fire to the Rain” by the amazing Adele. The lyrics speak to me so much right now… So much so, that I had to arrange it for my a cappella group. After all, I had inspiration…him.

I wonder if he’s figured that out yet…


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