Floating on air…

This is what it feels like when I dance…

I danced almost every song tonight at Atomic Ballroom. It’s such an awesome feeling to know that you’ve found something you know you can do well. I know I can dance. I know I can swing dance. It’s just something that comes to me easily. I feel a touch, or I hear a beat, and I respond swiftly. It’s even better when I know my lead because then I can show-off and decorate my moves without them giving me weird looks like “what the hellllll are you doinggggg?!” Hahaha, it’s great when they make surprised faces though…you know…because they weren’t expecting someone as short and Asian and not-so-skinny as me to whip out some fancy footwork. Don’t worry! I got moves! …and I’m not afraid to use ’em! ;D

Anyway, I really don’t have to do much. I don’t need to think any more than what kind of song is playing or what kind of lead I’m following. I just need to watch out for water (sweat?) drips on the floor, other follows (especially the ones with heels!), and my bra that always wants to say “hello…”

I will dance with anyone! If there’s a lead that looks difficult to follow in the bad way, I will not go out of my way to ask them…but, if the lead looks difficult to follow in the good way, and if I’m not too scared / nervous to ask them for a dance, I will leave my usual group and ask them. It’s awesome knowing you danced well with some great teachers…and they also enjoyed the dance.

Everything else just falls into place nicely. My footwork comes with practice and / or watching the lead do something cool and me asking them to do it again. I need to figure out a better hairstyle so that I don’t have to keep fixing it after every single dance…but that’ll come with time. I just always need to wear a flowy skirt / dress and my swivelin’ dancing shoes and I’m set!

There’s never a moment after I dance that I feel super sad or down…unless the lead has issues leading. But, in all honesty, I can have the shittiest day ever…and leave a dance venue with the biggest smile on my face. Dancing lifts my spirits…always.

If only I could dance every day and not be exhausted… 😛

Currently listening to “Jolie Coquine” by Caravan Palace!

P.S. Too bad I just dance for fun and not something more serious… Well, maybe that would change my mindset about dancing…hmm =/


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