A “Perfect” Life?

You know what I’ve realized?

No one has a “perfect” life. Everyone has issues…if you look deep enough. It’s just that they perceive those things differently and in a better light. That’s what makes them seem like they don’t have any problems in life. That’s what makes them seem so light-hearted, carefree, and full of spirit.

One of my friends told me that I was actually “normal…” whatever that means. Like, I don’t really have issues. I was thinking about how most people think that I don’t have any big problems in life… They’re extremely wrong. I choose to hide them and put them behind me. There’s no point in bringing them up when it’s not going to change anything that’s happened.

Why suffer? Just move on and continue living…that’s what I say.

I just see things differently I guess.

Currently listening to “Machine Gun” by Sara Bareilles… I’m well-versed in how I might be cursed…I don’t need it articulated…


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