Isn’t it funny?

So, I’m one of those girls who hasn’t done anything…ever. (Well, a little bit… :P)

It’s probably a mixture of parents, religion (what little bit there is), the fact that none of the guys I’ve gone for like me back (right away, anyway), shyness, and fear…

And yet, I’m one of those girls who just wants to get married already. I want to settle down with someone. I want my own home and a car and kids. I want to grow old with someone special.

You’d think I’d just want to date around for a while, test the waters, and see what I want in a future hubby first…but no.

It’s taken me years to get it through my head that, while people do care and talk and whatever, they will do those things anyway. I should just give it a try and if people talk…let them talk. Who cares anymore? It’s my life.

Well, I have yet to actually be in a relationship…and I’m super stoked for the day it decides to come!


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