Be proud of yourself!

Sometimes I just have to keep reminding myself to be proud of what I’ve accomplished and to be amazed at how far I’ve come.

Believe it or not, there was once a time when singing was actually quite difficult for me. I must say that I attribute (did I use this word correctly?) most of my ableness to sing to Michelle Branch and Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. Without their music, I wouldn’t be the singer I am today. I took Michelle’s lyrics, Celine’s powerhouse voice, and Mariah’s range and combined it into the voice I have today. They were literally my music idols in elementary school! Weird, right? They are so different and so unique in their own ways…well, I guess that also pretty much created the voice I have and use today.

Then, high school choir developed my soprano range…first soprano…damn. College came around, and, “oh, look!”, I now have a strong alto range! Such transitions from singing pop to musicals to choral pieces – and even from singing all right with my head voice to only my chest voice and back to my head voice (and even discovering my head-chest voice) – were super fun and interesting. Who knew I could sing alto? Who knew I could sing soprano?! The transformation of my voice has been so amazing to experience and discover!

All I need to work on now is finding my vibrato in my higher range. I have faith that that day will come very soon.

I guess dancing comes next! It’s so fantastic reminiscing on my old ballet days. How ballet blossomed into jazz and then made way for tap…and, from there, almost every other kind of dance moved through my body… I’ve taken modern, Argentine tango, ballroom, salsa, cha cha, a little bit of hip hop, west coast swing, and I’ve finally settled my heart on east coast swing dancing and lindy hop. With my ballet history (and jazz and tap too!), swing dancing was made possible! It’s now, more than ever, easier to pick up combinations and routines and I credit all of my dance history. Sometimes people come up to me and ask how I pick up steps so quickly and how I am able to improv and dance so smoothly…”you just have to go out and dance every other kind of dance!” is what I usually say…it’s true!

Another thing about swing dancing is that, without swing dancing, I never would’ve been as comfortable talking to other people as I am now. I used to be quite the introvert and I’ve definitely come a long way from there… I’m not as nervous talking to people I know nothing about…because you do that when social swing dancing. You just have random conversations with random people when you aren’t dancing. It’s great! I don’t feel as awkward now! Yay!

I also want to save some of this post for a little thing I have discovered about myself in the past year…I…have…ladyballs! Haha, I think you can probably piece together bits of my other posts and figure out what “ladyballs” are…but, if you haven’t read my other posts, ladyballs are the female equivalent to male balls…meaning I have COURAGE (get it? I have balls!). I have done such a great variety of things in this past year that I never, EVER thought I would do! I must say that I am super proud of myself for having the balls to even half the things I’ve done…don’t worry, it’s not bad stuff! Yeah, I’m becoming the woman I want to be.

This post was all about my accomplishments…sometimes you just gotta take the time to think about everything and appreciate and be proud. It’s actually quite a nice feeling.

I’m able. I’m successful. I’m happy. I’m proud.

I can sing. I can dance. I can look back and smile on my past.

I have ladyballs!

I can’t wait to discover what else I have!!! 😀

Currently listening to my blues dancing playlist…”Rhapsody in Blue” by Duke Ellington, “Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)” by Sly & the Family Stone, “I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl” by Nina Simone, “Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good to You” by Hale Baskin, “You Can Leave Your Hat On” by Michael Grimm, “I’d Like To” by Corinne Bailey Rae…etc.


2 thoughts on “Be proud of yourself!

  1. i dunno about that balls thing… haha

  2. Hahaha, then you probably don’t know the story… 😛

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