Problems with studying… =/

It has become quite clear that I probably do have a mild form of ADD

I am still trying to finish up my study guide for my psych midterm Tuesday night (technically tonight, but that sounds weird because I’m still awake)…and I cannot focus whatsoever.

So many thoughts racing through my head…so much to do…so little time…

I keep opening my bedroom door, walking around the hall for a bit, before coming back inside and just breathing and stretching. Maybe this is a form of relaxing myself in order to concentrate…but it’s hardly working.

I also feel like munching will keep me awake…so I keep on eating dry cereal. I’ve had two cups of coffee today…thinking about whether or not I want some black tea (which is a healthier version of coffee, but still has a good dose of caffeine). Hopefully all the caffeine in my system will not overload my system or make me blackout, though I don’t see how it would.

Anyway, the reason why I think I have ADD…this link: There is a super descriptive description and I am a fairly accurate representation of the symptoms…loss of focus, shy, difficulty conversing, lateness, sensitive, concrete thinker, determined (but without foreseen success, will decrease effort or quit almost immediately), and afraid of disapproval. However, forgetting what I was saying mid-sentence, excessive talking because of anxiety, not being able to spell words, and not expressing my feelings and emotions are rare occurrences.

Man, it all makes sense now.

Maybe I should get tested…forrealzzz…

Currently listening to “La Del Ruso” by Gotan Project…on repeat. Fabulous song!!!


One thought on “Problems with studying… =/

  1. I think always have ADD. Just saying xD

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