Ugh, I hate Valentine’s Day…

It’s just another reason for stores to get money because, “Oh look! That’s something pretty and pink and she’ll like it!”


Sure, it may be cute and romantic and cheesy or whatever…but what she really wants is something from the heart.

Why does Valentine’s Day only happen once a year?! In my opinion, a couple shouldn’t ONLY be romantic on ONE day a year. They should do things for each other every day they’re together. They shouldn’t wait for one special moment…every day should have a special moment. What they have IS special, so why not?

Whoever made Valentine’s Day a once-a-year kind of holiday is completely not getting the picture.

Whoa, maybe this negative view was created by the fact that there hasn’t been one Valentine’s Day where I was dating or in a relationship so I haven’t experienced any of that romantic crap.

I have, however, had some interesting ones though…like the one sophomore year of high school and the one sophomore year of college (last year) where I was the one to make the move toward the guy I liked. I was the one with the balls…hahaha. Oh no, don’t tell me it’s only going to happen every four years…

Well, maybe it’ll change…let’s see what Valentine’s Day brings me this year!

Currently listening to “Bound to You” by Christina Aguilera…I can’t get enough of the Burlesque movie soundtrack!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Ugh, I hate Valentine’s Day…

  1. bryceaguilar says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

  2. Bianca says:

    100% Agreed!

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