I want to cry.

This feeling that I really need to let something go has welled up inside of me and has created a little ball of grief in my chest. I want to let it go. I want to let it all out. It makes me want to cry. Oh, I just need to cry.

The urge came about on Tuesday afternoon…but I can’t do anything about it…not yet…I must keep on keepin’ on. I have a life after all. I can’t afford to be exhausted from crying…not yet anyway…well, maybe tonight I’ll force myself to cry to let something out. I wonder if I’ll even have to force myself…the feeling is already there…it may be easier than I think.

Gosh, maybe it’s because of a certain someone…who’s just so stupid lately…like really, really stupid. There have been emotions revealed recently, but I think it’s something else…something deeper. I’m trying to figure this person out…but it turns out that I’m not quite as good at determining people’s characters as I thought I was.

Currently listening to “Details in the Fabric” by Jason Mraz and James Morrison. Perfect song for this.


One thought on “I want to cry.

  1. Mrs.Idiot says:

    I can relate. Had my sob-fest pity party a few days ago…it took two full days for the puffiness to go away from my eyes.

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