Can you just make a move already?

How many times have you felt like a third wheel when your friend is trying to get with someone? Like seriously…it happened pretty much all summer. I was too chicken to say anything though…to say that it bothered me so much…to say that I felt alone while being surrounded by people I love.

It’s quite a funny story because, even though she threw herself at him practically, he seemed to not notice (or care?). Like, girl, if he isn’t responding how you want him to respond, you try something else…which is what I did last year around V-Day (but we won’t go into those details here).

Sometimes you have to be the bold one. You have to make the move. You have to ask him out.

Better that he knows than to just live life as if nothing will ever change. It CAN change if you DO SOMETHING about it. You have to put yourself out there and not be so afraid of the results/consequences. It might not go your way, but you won’t ever know that unless you try it out…maybe it’ll go just as you planned…maybe it’ll be better!

Stop holding back.

We, as women, kind of expect the men to do everything in the beginnings of a possible something…but we can’t rely on that. They are as shy and as awkward and as nervous as we are.

Ladies, here’s my advice to you all: When you think you’ve run out of options, grow a pair and make it happen yourself!

That is all.


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