Relax. It’ll all be okay.

Sometimes I wonder if my friends actually read this…well, I know that one of my good friends does because she tells me so…but the others…

Anyway, I hope some of my friends do read this, if nothing else of my blog.

This will be about school, extracurriculars, and life in general.

I find it so frustrating that some people I know just complain and complain about not ever having time for themselves…just quiet, personal time…a few minutes/hours to themselves. But I don’t understand. YOU were the one who put yourself out there. YOU were the one who decided to fulfill all those obligations. YOU were the one who decided to not have a life outside of whatever you are “signed up” for. You really can’t blame anyone else…and you certainly shouldn’t complain about it if you don’t want to be so busy. You always say that you’re going to one thing…and then, oh look!, you have another thing right after…and, damn, you have to write this and this and finish up this… Please just stop. At least you have things to do. At least you are interested in not being a couch potato and actually doing something with your time. Be thankful for having so many things that you are interested in…are able to do…are improving at. If you enjoy it, you should be happy to go through with it.

Maybe you need to manage your time better? If you are feeling so stressed, take some time for yourself…just breathe…relax…it’ll be okay. I promise. I’ve been doing it for years. I’m pretty pro at it, I must say. I always have too much on my plate to actually have free time all to myself. I always have things to do, whether it’s for school, for my many extracurriculars, or for my personal/social life. I hardly have time for myself, but, do you know what? I like it. I like not having time for myself. I like not having to just sit around waiting for something to happen. I like not having to think about my past or my future. I like living in the present and being consumed with what’s going on now. That is probably why I’m always involved in so many different things. I have so many interests and I have so many passions that I can’t just be happy doing one of them. It’s just not possible for me. I love doing many different things to keep my life interesting. Sometimes I get applauded for my success in them and, although I smile and take it in, I don’t think about it too much…I just want to keep improving at whatever it is. Gosh, I guess you could say I’m a “go-getter.”

But, honestly, if you are too stressed to do all that you are doing, don’t do it…or rather, do less of it. It’ll probably be better for your body and your mind anyway.

Currently listening to: Beirut’s “Nantes” and Tim Be Told’s “Analyze.”


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