Stabbed in the back?!

I woke up this morning a lot earlier than I usually would on a typical Sunday…probably around 8 or 9 AM.

I woke up with the strangest tingling sensation running through the right side of my back and I was hyperventilating.

I woke up from a weird dream where someone stabbed me in the back with a chef’s knife. Yes, one of those really scary looking, huge knives…

Whoever did it stabbed me on the right side of the middle of my back…and dragged the knife out of me in a curved fashion. It was almost like he/she was digging a hole, but with bad intentions…and with a knife. Every time I moved in bed, the tingling sensation ran up and down my back…almost like the funny bone feeling.

What did I make of this? Either someone “stabbed me in the back” with their words/actions…someone really wants to “stab me in the back” with their words/actions…OR someone really will stab me in the back. Revenge? Hopefully not. Or, maybe I “stabbed someone in the back” with my words/actions…and my subconscious is telling me that what I did was wrong…

Maybe I should rethink my life and/or actions…


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