Curious about acupuncture.

During the summer before 6th grade, way back when I was 11 years old, my family went camping and this is where my back problems started…

My younger cousin and I were laying in a hammock and she wanted to swing higher and higher…we got to the point where the hammock swung so high that it unhooked from one of the trees causing us to crash down on our backs. Well, actually she was smaller than me so she basically fell onto me as my back hit a rock/stump…right in the middle of my back…right on my spine. Shocked and numbed, I stood up but couldn’t even enunciate how I was feeling. I just told my mom that we fell off the hammock and I landed on something weird. I remember that most of my uncles, aunts, and cousins and my dad and brother and sister went somewhere else (I think to go toboggan-ing)…but my mom stayed with me in the tent and comforted me while I fell asleep.

I never knew what actually happened to my spine until last year when I went to a chiropractor (for fun-sies!). I had gotten a flier for me and a friend to get a free massage at this one place in Irvine. We would get a free x-ray, a consultation, and a free massage with this flier. When I saw my x-ray, everything was finally explained to me. My spine is actually twisted a bit so that my hips are always turned a bit to the left when I stand up straight. No wonder I tend to walk with a wider stride on my right and no wonder my right hip has issues turning out (for ballet).

Looks like I’m going to have terrible back problems when I’m older…wonderful!

Don’t get me wrong…we had a grand ol’ time!!!!! I still love camping to this day! …I’ll just stay away from hammocks.

I wonder if acupuncture would mitigate my lower back pain. Do you think it’d be a good investment? I’m kind of afraid to really get into chiropractor-ness…


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