“Hey, do you want my seat?”

I was going through my usual Friday with one discussion and one class in the afternoon and I was looking forward to getting back to my apartment so that I could be in the cool atmosphere (I mean the temperature) of my room. I got on the shuttle and sat down because there was a huge crowd of students behind me waiting to get on the shuttle as well…might as well sit so my backpack was out of the way. I was sitting toward the front of the shuttle on the left side in the seats behind the driver. Just as I was getting comfy, and before the shuttle even started driving, the girl to my left tried to get the attention of another girl that was standing.

“Excuse me…hey, do you want my seat?”

The girl that was standing had the biggest smile on her face and it wasn’t until she was standing in front of me that I could see that she had a walking cast on her left leg.

The girl that was originally sitting next me stood up and gathered all of her things and stood with such humble satisfaction…there’s no other way of describing the look on her face. I was so surprised to see that she was actually really pretty too. She was blonde, fair-skinned, and was about the size of me (in terms of body proportions and athleticism). She was wearing very little makeup and was clothed very modestly. Her hair was pulled back into a loose chignon which could only mean that she really didn’t care what others thought about her. She had a full backpack, a Trader Joe’s bag full of things other than groceries, and a big black box-y thing that looked like a small amp. She was fully loaded with gear, gadgets, and other technical whatchamacallits. She was a busy girl…but she was still courteous enough and full of good upbringing to see someone in need of help.

My first thought after realizing this? I want to be her friend! She seems so amazing and full of ambition and I need more people like her in my life right now.

Why aren’t there more people like her in this world?


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