Things I want to do sometime in life…

~Save a life

~Participate in a flash mob dance routine

~Go to a shooting range

~Buy a complete outfit that’s perfect for swing dancing (no matter that price!)

~Travel to a foreign country (or just take a road trip somewhere in the U.S.) with friends

~Travel solo to a foreign country

~Own a red Mini Cooper

~Own two dogs (Ollie and Bubba) and a cat (not sure what to name her yet…probably something musical like Coda)

~Sing at a lounge/bar/party somewhere in California

~Buy a nice camera and not just a point-and-shoot

~Go for a joy ride in one of the golf carts on the UCI campus

~Have a shopping cart race down the aisles of a store

~Try surfing

~Try archery

This list will keep being updated…


One thought on “Things I want to do sometime in life…

  1. Mel says:

    nice list! I always make one every year as a set of goals I want to accomplish within that year. I’ll have to dig mine up sometime. also, I think the kitty should be named Georgie, in remembrance of our stray one.

    Sooo I started blogging again. haha. check it out! =P

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