Over-prepared is better than not being prepared at all.

This week was Week 2 of the UCI’s quarter system of the academic year. I finally got the books I rented from Chegg this past Tuesday and was actually pretty psyched to read what I’ve been missing in class. The class I’m super excited for is my Film and Media Studies class. It’s basically an intro to film and media and the terms and getting used to breaking down films for analyzation. It’s a fabulous class! …let’s just leave it at that.

I had over 100 pages of reading due on Friday and, while I went to sleep rather late on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I finished all the reading. I absorbed it all. It may not be that much, but to me it was quite a lot…because it was academic reading. It’s such a wonderful feeling to finish your readings for class because then you know exactly what the teacher/TA is talking about. You can participate. You can ACTUALLY be present in class. That is exactly what I did on Friday. I participated and I was discussing what I learned through my reading. We had a quiz and I totally nailed it! It was only about a couple things, but I had read everything. I was super over-prepared…rather than my usual slightly under-prepared-ness.

Note to self: I will be a good student this quarter…this year. I like the feeling of it. I like the feeling of knowing what I’m learning.


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