“Hey, do you want my seat?”

I was going through my usual Friday with one discussion and one class in the afternoon and I was looking forward to getting back to my apartment so that I could be in the cool atmosphere (I mean the temperature) of my room. I got on the shuttle and sat down because there was a huge crowd of students behind me waiting to get on the shuttle as well…might as well sit so my backpack was out of the way. I was sitting toward the front of the shuttle on the left side in the seats behind the driver. Just as I was getting comfy, and before the shuttle even started driving, the girl to my left tried to get the attention of another girl that was standing.

“Excuse me…hey, do you want my seat?”

The girl that was standing had the biggest smile on her face and it wasn’t until she was standing in front of me that I could see that she had a walking cast on her left leg.

The girl that was originally sitting next me stood up and gathered all of her things and stood with such humble satisfaction…there’s no other way of describing the look on her face. I was so surprised to see that she was actually really pretty too. She was blonde, fair-skinned, and was about the size of me (in terms of body proportions and athleticism). She was wearing very little makeup and was clothed very modestly. Her hair was pulled back into a loose chignon which could only mean that she really didn’t care what others thought about her. She had a full backpack, a Trader Joe’s bag full of things other than groceries, and a big black box-y thing that looked like a small amp. She was fully loaded with gear, gadgets, and other technical whatchamacallits. She was a busy girl…but she was still courteous enough and full of good upbringing to see someone in need of help.

My first thought after realizing this? I want to be her friend! She seems so amazing and full of ambition and I need more people like her in my life right now.

Why aren’t there more people like her in this world?


Things I want to do sometime in life…

~Save a life

~Participate in a flash mob dance routine

~Go to a shooting range

~Buy a complete outfit that’s perfect for swing dancing (no matter that price!)

~Travel to a foreign country (or just take a road trip somewhere in the U.S.) with friends

~Travel solo to a foreign country

~Own a red Mini Cooper

~Own two dogs (Ollie and Bubba) and a cat (not sure what to name her yet…probably something musical like Coda)

~Sing at a lounge/bar/party somewhere in California

~Buy a nice camera and not just a point-and-shoot

~Go for a joy ride in one of the golf carts on the UCI campus

~Have a shopping cart race down the aisles of a store

~Try surfing

~Try archery

This list will keep being updated…

Over-prepared is better than not being prepared at all.

This week was Week 2 of the UCI’s quarter system of the academic year. I finally got the books I rented from Chegg this past Tuesday and was actually pretty psyched to read what I’ve been missing in class. The class I’m super excited for is my Film and Media Studies class. It’s basically an intro to film and media and the terms and getting used to breaking down films for analyzation. It’s a fabulous class! …let’s just leave it at that.

I had over 100 pages of reading due on Friday and, while I went to sleep rather late on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I finished all the reading. I absorbed it all. It may not be that much, but to me it was quite a lot…because it was academic reading. It’s such a wonderful feeling to finish your readings for class because then you know exactly what the teacher/TA is talking about. You can participate. You can ACTUALLY be present in class. That is exactly what I did on Friday. I participated and I was discussing what I learned through my reading. We had a quiz and I totally nailed it! It was only about a couple things, but I had read everything. I was super over-prepared…rather than my usual slightly under-prepared-ness.

Note to self: I will be a good student this quarter…this year. I like the feeling of it. I like the feeling of knowing what I’m learning.

Just hold my hand.


Who knew that the TV show Glee would ever make my cry?

Watching Glee last year started as a fun thing. My roommates and I would put aside our homework and would leave everything behind just to spend one hour every week in front of the television together watching Glee. It is a show about the dramatic lives of a group of high schoolers revolving around the use of song to portray emotion and feeling. I’m surprised nothing ever like it has ever come about until recently. It’s such a great idea!

Over the summer, I found a new love…dance…in particular, swing dancing. When I came back to Irvine, of course the fun can’t end in the summer… Tuesday’s Swingin’ Sock Hop is great fun at Atomic Ballroom! It happens every Tuesday from 8:30 to midnight. Too bad it conflicts with the time the show is aired on TV. Glee is on at 8 PM every Tuesday. Man!

That’s just life, I guess. Anyway, I can spend my lazy Saturday afternoons watching Glee in my pj’s!!! That’s even better than watching it at nighttime on Tuesdays, in my opinion.

This past Tuesday’s episode “Grilled Cheesus” was especially touching because of the theme of faith and believing in something when your life is going down the drain. I won’t give spoilers, but I will give you the link: http://www.hulu.com/watch/181761/glee-grilled-cheesus. I could really relate to everything that happened in this episode (except Finn’s random happenstance).

It’s so hard to believe sometimes when everything is going wrong. You just don’t understand why it’s happening to you or what you did to possibly make Fate do this to you.

Just know that it all gets better.

Whatever feels like crap in your life now will all be surpassed by something amazing.

Your friends will always be there to hold your hand when things get rough. They may not always have the answers or the words to show their care, but they will ALWAYS be there for you.

Just believe in this, if anything…

Sometimes that mountain you’ve been climbing is just a grain of sand
What you’ve been up there searching for
forever is in your hands
When you figure out love is all that matters after all
It sure makes everything else
Seem so small

Lyrics taken from Carrie Underwood’s “So Small”