A little piece of me disappears…

Every time I say good-bye to someone I’ve just met (and will probably never get to see them again) a little piece of me disappears.

Tears stream inside and my mind races as I restrain myself from reaching out for one last hug as I gaze at a wonderful person walking away in the night.

I didn’t even really get to know or talk to the person that much, but I could tell that he was a beautiful soul.

Maybe it’s the dancing…our styles were quite similar and maybe that’s why we clicked so well.

Whatever it was, it’s done now.

We had a lot of fun laughing while dancing and there was never a time where we didn’t have multiple dances in a row.

Cherish those memories.

Recall the genuine smile.

Remember the calming voice.

I’m glad you found dancing two nights in a row and I’m undoubtedly happy that you asked me to dance.

Have a safe flight home to Europe.

Ugh, I get attached so easily.

I had just gotten used to seeing his face in my favorite places for swing dancing.

Oh, I hate saying good-bye.

Currently listening to “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve.


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