Dancing myself to happiness

I’ve figured out that the only thing I’m really, truly, absolutely good at is dancing.

Here are my reasons:

Piano – I have limited abilities now because of my right hand injury.

Singing – I get too nervous…this amounts to horrible stage presence…which is ironic because I’m in an a cappella group.

Communicating – Words can only go so far with me. I’m actually quite shy and it takes me awhile to become comfortable enough to hold a meaningful conversation with someone. I also tend to hold my feelings in as a way of showing others that I’m stronger than I really am…it just happened that I turned out this way.

Dancing – I feel at peace with myself…with everyone else…with the world around me. I don’t get as nervous as I do when talking or singing. I pick up moves easily. Apparently, I’m a pretty good follow. I listen to the music and, when I’m off-beat, I try to quickly get back on…or, if the lead is the one off-beat, I follow him and I let it hurt my brain that we’re off together. I will dance anywhere…just play music, give me a partner, and hand me my dancin’ shoes…and I will dance for all to see. I have fun when I dance (not that I don’t have fun while playing piano or singing or talking) and I show it! I laugh! I smile! I try to make it fun for my lead. When my lead talks to me, sometimes I get thrown off by trying to answer them…but I believe that to dance with someone is to have a conversation with that person. Dance is communication. Dance is MY communication.


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