Finally, I have my license!!!!!

This past Friday I took my driving test at the Daly City DMV after just two driving lessons. Of course, I’ve been driving since last summer, but I’ve only taken lessons this summer.

It took me awhile to figure out what car I was going to use… I could’ve used my instructor’s car because that’s the one I felt comfortable in…however, I got used to my mom’s Lexus SUV. So I took a chance and just drove hers for the test.

My mom and I got to the DMV and the first thing we do is make the lady at the desk laugh. My appointment was at 11 AM but you never know if she’s already had a bad morning. So, if you make them laugh, the mood is lightened and all goes well…better sometimes! I got the papers and stuff and got back into the car and got in the long line of people waiting to take the driving exam. The only thing running through my head was “lighten the mood and you’ll do fine!” My music was pretty loud and hopefully wasn’t too disturbing to the others, but that’s how I prepare. I knew I had everything under control, but I needed to mentally prepare myself because I had told quite a few people about the test, which was beginning to psyche me out. “What would they think if I didn’t pass?” I kept thinking to myself. I had to pass. No question about it. My mom and I couldn’t stop laughing as “Bad Romance” was playing. If I listen to my favorite music, I’m good to go.

As I drove up to the first spot, I turned the music off. It was my turn and I had to focus. The examiner began telling me to turn signals on and point to where various things in the car were. He told me to honk my horn and I willingly did so…but, just as I did that, a man walked by and looked at me nervously. “Sorry!!! That wasn’t for you! He told me to!” I exchanged nervous glances with the man and the examiner just laughed. Then he told me to honk again, so I did and we just laughed the whole thing off. “Yes! Starting off on his good side!” I must have had a big smile on face by this point. The examiner got in my car and off we went. After exactly fifteen minutes of turning, lane changing, neck-breaking glancing, and carefully listening, he told me to drive back into the DMV parking lot and park. I did just that and then he asked for a few minutes to finish writing. “You passed,” he said so nonchalantly. “Really? Yes!” I replied to him.

My examiner got out of the car first. My mom was watching as he walked towards the door she was sitting next to. He had a stern look on his face. “So, is she a safe one?” my mom wondered aloud. “Oh yeah! She’s ready!” he responded. I was a few steps behind him and all I saw was my mom’s big grin. We walked into the DMV again to get my interim license. Almost two hours had passed since I checked in at the desk, but the same lady was there…and she had the biggest smile on her face when she saw me walking towards her.

See? Lighten the mood and people are happy to see you again. Why complain? Their job is stressful enough. If you pester them, they may just make you wait even longer.

Just be happy!

Anyone want to go driving with me?! =P


One thought on “Licensed!

  1. moosh says:

    the world is cringing =P

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