What a bummer…

Sunday night and my family just drove back from SoCal for my cousin’s 4th birthday party… I was SOOO looking forward to going to the opening night of this new swing dance venue at the ROCKIT ROOM on Clement Street in SF. It was the perfect plan! Get home around 7:30 PM, get food at 8 PM, go dancing by 9 PM… FREE DANCING!

Three of my friends from SoCal (two were actually the first people to teach me back in January of this year) were up here for the Down Home Blues Weekend in SF and my best friend and I told them about it and they were so excited to see us again. BUT, as soon as my best friend and I got to the door, we saw that there was a bouncer CARDING people. WTF? Well, with my head low, I gave the tattooed bouncer my California ID which indicated that I was clearly not of age to enter. “Wow! You’ve got a-ways to go, huh?” the bouncer asked in disbelief that I even tried. He gave me back my ID and my best friend looked at me with sad eyes. We didn’t know what to do. The event advertised on Facebook didn’t say that attendees had to be 21, so we just figured it was just another chill venue. But then we realized that this place was only a bar; they didn’t serve food which would allow them to open the place up to minors……….boooooo. After about five minutes of standing out in the cold and not knowing what to do, a bunch of our friends (who we met over the summer and who were in the Rockit Room) came out and asked what was going on. “Apparently they card and I can’t go in because I’m not 21…” I repeated to everyone who asked me. Ugh, this was the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to me in awhile. The guy who advertised and invited everyone over Facebook came out and talked to me a little bit. He decided to ask the owner if I could be an exception, but that was a futile endeavor.

One of my older friends gave my purse and shoe bag to my best friend, took my hand, and proceeded to dance with me outside. “Awww, you guys are so sweet!” That put the biggest smile on my sad, little face. When one of my friends from SoCal arrived, he also took my hand and proceeded to dance with me outside. At least twelve people were standing outside with me at this point.

Awww, I’m loved! ♥

My best friend looked at me and we both knew that I should just go home. I called my mom and she picked me up…thankfully, I live about five minutes away from the place. Oh, well…in eight months!


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