C’est la vie…

I guess things just happen for a reason.

I try to take care of my things…but when others “take care” of my things, of course things go awry.

It always happens.

You might as well just do everything yourself.

Take today for example…I wanted to wash one of my favorite tops (the white button-down tunic that I sometimes wear to go swing dancing) so I put it into a netted laundry bag…which means to my mom and myself that whatever is in it CANNOT be dried. You must take it out and line dry whatever it is. Sometimes she puts those bags into the dryer for like 5 minutes though to get out the wrinkles. It would happen today that she forgot about that little bag. It went through the entire dry cycle…and the tunic? Well, it shrunk. It is now small enough to wear as a normal sized button-down shirt…except, when buttoned, it’s super tight.

This is why I like being away at college (except for the home-cooked meals). I don’t need to worry about how my things are taken care of. I just do everything myself. It’s simple…

I try to take care of my things…but when others “take care” of my things, things would go awry.

That’s just life.

C’est la vie.



Fairy Tale Ivory

Nothin’ like relaxing after a good night of dancing!

The feeling as you are getting ready for bed is something so wonderful.

You can reflect on your day…how productive you were…how fun it was…how memorable it will be…

Just got ready for bed, then decided to paint my nails in a color called FAIRY TALE IVORY (Sally Hansen) while listening to “Falling For You” by Colbie Caillat.


There is so much more.

These are the lyrics to the beautiful song “There Is So Much More” by Brett Dennen:

When I heard the news,
My heart fell on the floor
I was on a plane on my way to Baltimore
In these trouble times its hard enough as it is
My soul has a known a
better life than this

I wonder how so many can be in so much pain,
While others don’t seem to feel a thing
Then I curse my whiteness,
and I get so damn depressed,
In a world with
Why should I be so

I heard about a woman who lives in Colorado,
She built a monoment of sorts behind the garage door
Where every day she
prays for all whom are born
And all whose
souls have passed on
Sometimes my trouble gets so thick
I can’t see how Im gonna get through it
but then I’d rather be stuck up in a tree
Than be tied to it

There is so much more…

I don’t feel comfortable with the way my clothes fit
I can’t get used to my body’s limits
I got some fancy shoes to try and
giggle away these blues
They cost a lot of money but they aren’t
worth a thing
I wanna
free my feet from the broken glass and concrete
I need to get out of this city
Lay upon the ground stare a hole in the
Wondering where I go when I die
When I

Well, I’m not White, but I do live in a city that prospers (for the most part). I often wonder why bad things happen to good people…then I remember that everything happens for a reason. I was meant to feel this so that I could one day do something about it. There are some people who just live their lives and don’t care about anything as long as they get what they want. Then, there are people who do something about the poverty they see; they do something about the destitution in other countries; they do something about the pain and the suffering. They appreciate what they have and give what they don’t need. These are the people I respect.

Sooo worth it!

Sunday was the 4th of July…

And a chance to begin the week off with amazing dancing!

12-2 PM: Lindy in the Park – Free outdoor swing dancing (on the concrete sidewalk) with beautiful people on a beautiful, sunny day.

2:30-6 PM: Fillmore Jazz Festival – Free outdoor swing dancing (on a makeshift wooden floor) with fabulous people in a shady (but windy) spot.

Nothing beats 6 hours of swing dancing…than watching the fireworks at the Hyde Street Pier…


…except, of course, Monday was rather painful. My knees were aching a bit. It was worth it though! =P