Seriously?! Why?

I just don’t understand why people put down other people.

Do you get pleasure out of seeing someone else down?

What’s wrong with you?!

Also, I don’t understand why most people aren’t tolerant of others.

What’s the point?

I thought this was the 21st Century!

Why is there still racism, sexism, sexual orientation-ism, religious extremism, etc?

People are still people.

No one deserves to be treated badly for their beliefs, experiences, interests, and whatnot…

Just stop!


One thought on “Seriously?! Why?

  1. Grace Han says:

    I’d be careful on using religious extremism as an offensive factor. No one should be mediocre about everything. That’s just trying to please others, and they will never be able to find themselves, nor please everyone. Religious extremism doesn’t always involve persecution and violence.

    Humans have been fighting over the same things ever since the beginning of history. We won’t change much. Although that’s a pessimistic view, it’s true, this world will always have its beautiful side and its ugly side. It all depends on how we take it.

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