My poor feet

It’s a blessing and a curse to be surrounded with so much dance.

Sunday – Lindy in the Park (free)

Monday – rest

Tuesday – Stompy Jones at Verdi Club ($10)

Wednesday – Cosmo AlleyCats at Le Colonial (free), Cats Corner at Savanna Jazz Club ($5 before 8:30 or $10), every 4th Wednesday is Lindy in the Square (free)

Thursday – 9:20 Special at Russian Center ($8)

Friday – Blues-in’ somewhere in SF (?)

Saturday – ODC Rent Party ($7 for dance only, or $12 for lesson and dance)

This is my proposed dance schedule for the summer…which doesn’t really leave any time for anything else.


Most are at night anyway…so if you want to hang out…it’s gotta be in the daytime!


These are the swing things I really, really want!!! …teehee :3


One thought on “My poor feet

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