A little late but… Happy Father’s Day! <3

Hi all you daddies!

I hope Father’s Day was amazing!!!

I hope your children are exactly how you want them to be!

I hope YOU are exactly where you want to be!


To my daddy: I love you and I miss you! I hope you can see your children from wherever you are. I hope you are proud of your family. I don’t remember your last words or the sound of your voice, but I can picture you in my mind. I will always remember how you carried me back to my bed when I’d come to yours and mom’s because I had nightmares. I will always remember how you made me smile and laugh during the T-Rex part of Fantasia. I will always remember you coaching my teams. I will always remember what you’ve done for me. I will always remember all those moments we’ve shared. Thank you for being my dad! I wish you the best. Love your daughter, Pumpkin.

Oh, man… I sobbed again… If you haven’t watched it already, here it is once again.

SYTYCD’s Breast Cancer Tribute

Sorry, I just miss my dad.

Today, I went to Golden Gate Park for a swing dancing event called “Lindy in the Park” and a couple people asked how I was enjoying my Father’s Day… “Oh, it’s great!” I replied every time. Then one man asked if my father lived around here and I responded “Yeah, yeah, really close.” What was I supposed to say?!

It’s okay. I’m not too affected and I wasn’t shocked…but I didn’t want to spoil his day. Actually, if anything, it’d make him more grateful for his father…I guess.


One thought on “A little late but… Happy Father’s Day! <3

  1. babytyche08 says:

    Great post.. 🙂 it makes me miss my dad. Since he’s in canada right now.

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