Moving Out of My 2nd Year

How did I spend my last night as a 2nd year at UCI?

I went swing dancing at Atomic Ballroom with some of my favorite people! Of course, it was the very last day of finals so that meant that many of my friends had already left…but the ones that were still in Irvine thought it would be awesome to have one last “hurrah” before we parted for a couple of months. But, do not fear! NorCal has amazing swing dancing as well, so I will find a way to go dancing every week! =P

Instead of leaving straight away after our dancing, we just stood and chatted…probably for a good 45 minutes! It was unbelievable! So many laughs and smiles and fun moments! Then, one of my good friends and I wanted food and coffee, so we drove over to IHOP. We knew we’d have to pack our lives within 9-10 hours, which was a very difficult challenge ahead of us.

She drove me back to my apartment and the packing began. I blasted my music for inspiration and started taping boxes together. Coffee works wonders. I ended up pulling an all-nighter to pack and watched the dark shade of blue outside my fluorescent-ly lit bedroom turn into the lightest shade of blue. The sun started to stream through my drawn blinds and I had the urge to open my front door and run through the grass, which was still wet with droplets of morning dew…but I was, unfortunately, confined to the glaring white walls of the apartment and the mundane packing of my belongings.

My brother and two cousins came to help me load the boxes into the van around 11AM. One look at only half of my stuff crammed into boxes and they were shocked. Shocked to see that I had a LONG time to pack, and I only got through half of my stuff. But, to be completely honest, that first half of packing was organizing things and sorting things into an SF pile to go back home and a SoCal pile to leave at my uncle’s house in Tustin. So there.

They drove that half of stuff over to my uncle’s house and got lost on the way back. Check out was supposed to be at 12PM sharp. After that, a $25 late fee was charged per hour. Of course, my brother and cousins came back around 12PM. Sooo, I was freaking out the entire time they were gone/lost. Added to the stress of possibly being charged a late fee was the fact that I didn’t eat the food that my roommates left for me (since I was staying an extra couple days after they moved out earlier this week). I called my mom after throwing away everything that was opened or half-eaten and asked her if I could bring it over to my aunt’s house in Mission Viejo. My mom just told me to throw away everything. At hearing this, my heart sunk. The only thing I could think about was how much food was going to be wasted. Seriously. I then started thinking of children in third-world countries and how they would KILL for that food. I was on the verge of tears. I was worried about being charged, I was sad at all the food that was going to be wasted, and I was stressed about the entire move out in general because there was also another commencement going on and traffic was horrible.

That feeling of distress was soon over once I saw one of my cousins taking down the box of frozen food. I walked by one of the study rooms in CV, I laughed a little at the fact that some guy was sitting comfortably in an armchair with ALL of his belongings surrounding him. Why didn’t I think of that? Moving everything out and locking up without even having to load anything yet. Pure genius! It’s all right. I turned the keys in at 12:41PM and none of the people working the desk even mentioned the late fee…so either I’ll get it in the mail, OR I wouldn’t have gotten charged until after 1PM.

I may have stressed out for nothing.


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