This afternoon, my a cappella group sang the National Anthem for the Social Ecology Commencement at UC Irvine. Four ladies in the group are graduating this year.

Listening to Pomp and Circumstance Marches, Op. 39: March No. 1 in D brought back so many memories. My brother graduated last summer and I was so proud of him. There’s nothing like seeing the relief on a graduate’s face when they realize that they’ve made it. They’ve finished and can now go on to do great things…except those expecting to go to grad school. It also brought back memories of elementary school and high school. I remember it all. Most people in those two graduating classes went to schools that I went to. I’ve been with some in my elementary school since kindergarten!

But this is different. Those four women are going off and doing other things in their lives. It’s not like elementary school and high school where most of the graduates stayed with me. This is life. Real life. It’s not like a “see you later” it’s more of a “have a great life”… =/

Sometimes I wish life wasn’t a big farewell and move on kind of thing. I know it’s important to meet new people and experience different things to grow as a person…and I know oftentimes that includes your older peers moving on and you stepping into their leadership roles.

We move on…

…and life goes on.


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