Thank God!

As I was walking back from my visit to the Bookstore for two F-158 scantrons and to Starbucks for a pick-me-up, a man with a prosthetic leg walked by me. I saw it from a distance…but mostly because he was wearing a bright orange shirt. He walked just fine with it on, but I wondered what happened that he had to get a prosthetic leg.

Gosh, he had such determination for becoming “normal” again…whatever “normal” is. What courage he had for wearing shorts. I certainly wouldn’t be wearing shorts for a really long time until I didn’t care anymore.

This made me really think about my own body. I complain a whole lot about my feet hurting, or my knees aching, or my back spazzing out and causing discomfort. Nothing compares to what that man had to go through…every day. I shouldn’t be so ungrateful for my aching body. I should be thankful that I have a body…a well-functioning one.

Thank you, God! Thank you for giving me a body that I’m proud to carry. Thank you for giving that man the courage to overcome his disability. Thank you!


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