You bother me…

Little things I’ve realized that bother me…

– finishing any type of food or beverage (maybe it’s just that I hate throwing whatever it is away)

– writing the number “5”

– writing the letter “z”

– writing the word “health”

– feet (even my own) touching anywhere other than other feet

– when people leave things in my space or a shared space

– when friends don’t show for performances, but people I don’t really talk to do

– dirty things

– when people blow their noses while I’m eating

– stepping up to the cashier after waiting in line for awhile and having them say “hold on a sec”

– moving into or out of a place…going on vacation is totally different


2 thoughts on “You bother me…

  1. moosh says:

    I don’t understand why you don’ t like writing “5”, “z” or “health” haha. I don’t like writing “Y” or “U”.

  2. Haha it’s because they are difficult for me to write… They never come out looking how I want them to look.

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