Seriously?! Why?

I just don’t understand why people put down other people.

Do you get pleasure out of seeing someone else down?

What’s wrong with you?!

Also, I don’t understand why most people aren’t tolerant of others.

What’s the point?

I thought this was the 21st Century!

Why is there still racism, sexism, sexual orientation-ism, religious extremism, etc?

People are still people.

No one deserves to be treated badly for their beliefs, experiences, interests, and whatnot…

Just stop!



…oh man! What a great movie!

If you haven’t seen it, gooo rent it now! TiMER

It really makes you think about how you see life…

…and more importantly LOVE.

If you had a timer that told you the exact moment your eyes met with the person you were meant to be with forever and that that person was your soul mate, would you wait for that “one”?

Would you even get the timer to begin with? Would you want to know?

Or would you just take life as it is and just leave it to fate?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Summer boredom…

I’m starting to get a little bored with summer vacation already…

Here’s a list of things I will be doing:

Summer school

Summer job (hopefully I’ll get one soon!)

Dancing seems like the only thing left!

Yeah…many of my friends are either taking summer school or are working (or both).

My life seems so mundane… (I totally just spelled “mundane” like “mundance”…lindy on the brain! =P)

I’m excited about all the dancing I’m going to do though! Check out the Summer Dance Schedule I’ve planned out for myself and my friend!

Pleased with my pinky!

I’ve been taking advantage of the fact that I no longer need to wear my splint…so I haven’t put it on in a little more than a week.

I’ve even been swing dancing without it! It’s glorious!!!!!

My hand works again! Yay! =P

I’ve started playing the piano again as of a couple days ago…just to test it…to make sure it’s healing. It is. I still have trouble extending my pinky outward to reach the octave like I used to, but it’ll get there. I believe in it! I have faith!

Please keep sending good vibes to my pinky!

My poor feet

It’s a blessing and a curse to be surrounded with so much dance.

Sunday – Lindy in the Park (free)

Monday – rest

Tuesday – Stompy Jones at Verdi Club ($10)

Wednesday – Cosmo AlleyCats at Le Colonial (free), Cats Corner at Savanna Jazz Club ($5 before 8:30 or $10), every 4th Wednesday is Lindy in the Square (free)

Thursday – 9:20 Special at Russian Center ($8)

Friday – Blues-in’ somewhere in SF (?)

Saturday – ODC Rent Party ($7 for dance only, or $12 for lesson and dance)

This is my proposed dance schedule for the summer…which doesn’t really leave any time for anything else.


Most are at night anyway…so if you want to hang out…it’s gotta be in the daytime!


These are the swing things I really, really want!!! …teehee :3

Cleaning out my closet…

Tomorrow, the Cerebral Palsy truck is a’coming forth to pick up the things that have been stored away in our closets for…like…EVER!

All I can say is that my closet and drawers are full of memories. Embarrassing and painful, and yet fun and amazing memories. Mostly this is from my old dance costumes. Of course, right?

My very first actual ballet performance with Shan-Yee Poon Ballet School was in the summer of 2004 with Ballet 1B…the little kids ballet class. By this time, I was in 8th grade. That was pretty embarrassing because I was one of the tallest. It was a “bunny” dance. Hahaha…also, the costume for 1B was painful because of the sequins along the top edge of the leotard, which went along under the arms. I swear I got all cut up BEFORE the performance!

But, at the same time, I was also in Ballet 2B with the bigger kids.  The costume for 2B was a lot better…but still not my favorite. It was a “tarantella” sort of dance. We even got to use tambourines!

Jazz 1 (with most of the same girls from Ballet 1B) had me wearing this white outfit…with tassles.

Tap 1 the next year (2005) introduced me to red flapper dresses! It was danced to “Sing, Sing, Sing” by Kodo.

Jazz 2 was a disco number danced to a music medley by Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Ballet 2B this year was…hmm, I don’t remember…teehee.

In 2006, I didn’t perform with the school. Instead I went to my uncle’s wedding in Hawai’i! Yay! But, Tap 2 had a cool routine to “I Am Music” by Common.

In 2007, the Ballet 3A routine was fabulous! A super fun routine with really pretty costumes!!! After this performance, I quit ballet…hahaha…hah… :3

In Jazz 2 this year, we wore black jazz pants and white sequin-y top (flat sequins…not those stupid glued-on-but-still-sticking-out ones) and we danced to the tunes of Irene Cara (“What A Feeling” and “Fame” and possibly another one).

Tap 2 had us wearing PINK FLAPPER DRESSES! Hahaha this was my Halloween costume in 2008….if any of you remember. 😉 We danced to Chicago showtunes…like “All That Jazz.”

Finally, in 2008, Jazz 3 had us wearing these brown “cavewoman” outfits and we did a dance to a drum number…

Also, in 2008, Tap 3 had my class wearing black sequin-y booty shorts attached to a mesh top which was see-through in the stomach and back areas. We did an “a cappella” section and then a music section. This was BY FAR the coolest tap routine because during the a cappella section we were wearing black jazz pants…after that section, we took them off and revealed our booty shorts!!! lol =P

Anyway, those are my years dancing! ❤

A little late but… Happy Father’s Day! <3

Hi all you daddies!

I hope Father’s Day was amazing!!!

I hope your children are exactly how you want them to be!

I hope YOU are exactly where you want to be!


To my daddy: I love you and I miss you! I hope you can see your children from wherever you are. I hope you are proud of your family. I don’t remember your last words or the sound of your voice, but I can picture you in my mind. I will always remember how you carried me back to my bed when I’d come to yours and mom’s because I had nightmares. I will always remember how you made me smile and laugh during the T-Rex part of Fantasia. I will always remember you coaching my teams. I will always remember what you’ve done for me. I will always remember all those moments we’ve shared. Thank you for being my dad! I wish you the best. Love your daughter, Pumpkin.

Oh, man… I sobbed again… If you haven’t watched it already, here it is once again.

SYTYCD’s Breast Cancer Tribute

Sorry, I just miss my dad.

Today, I went to Golden Gate Park for a swing dancing event called “Lindy in the Park” and a couple people asked how I was enjoying my Father’s Day… “Oh, it’s great!” I replied every time. Then one man asked if my father lived around here and I responded “Yeah, yeah, really close.” What was I supposed to say?!

It’s okay. I’m not too affected and I wasn’t shocked…but I didn’t want to spoil his day. Actually, if anything, it’d make him more grateful for his father…I guess.