There’s something so freeing about cutting my own hair.

I’ve cut/trimmed/layered my own hair since about 2 years ago. I don’t want to waste the precious $9-14 on a cut I can do myself.

It started with just layering my hair 2 years ago. Then moved on to “Hmm, what if I cut here?” Then on to “How about this layer here, and this cut here?” Just this year, I said to myself “Okay, I hate my long hair because it keeps hitting my leads in the face when I dance with them…Argh! Cut it all off!” (…not really…just 3-4 inches plus layering) Now, my hair is starting to grow longer again and so I decided to copy Blake Lively’s hair in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (which I saw last night…finally). Although my hair isn’t quite as long as hers, I decided to layer it in the front and a bit in the rest of the body of my hair. So, that’s 5 times I’ve cut my own hair? Yay!

I was talking to a friend earlier today (and thought about this last night when I was layering my hair) and this cutting of the hair is a bit like therapy to me. I feel like I’m cutting off the old and starting anew. Things in my life can be altered and, if at first it sucks and seems/looks bad, it’ll change in a few weeks. “Hair grows back,” I keep saying to myself. If I make a wrong cut and cut too much off, who cares? It’s just hair. Dead cells. I don’t understand why people pay so much to have a good cut or color…it’s not going to last. Now, making your own self the barber or salon person…that’s rewarding! Experimenting. Seeing what works. To me, that sort of stuff is fun. I want to know that I’ve done something.

Another thing we discussed was that cutting my hair could possibly be related to “cutting”. However, my cutting is not painful…but more constructive! I’m not harming myself. If anything, I’m bettering myself! So that’s scratched out!


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