Temporarily handicapped

It’s not even funny how handicapped I am. I’ve realized that everything I do involves the use of my pinky. I’m right handed and this is definitely a life-changing experience. The difficulties started with signing ER documents with my left hand…it’s difficult brushing my teeth with my left hand, it’s difficult changing my clothes (I couldn’t take my bra off!) with one available hand, it’s difficult typing with only my left  hand (although I’m getting faster and more accurate), and it’s very difficult taking showers. I wrap the cast in a bag, but it still manages to get a bit wet… =/ Oh, I don’t even think I have to mention how difficult it is to put on makeup in the morning…

I feel bad that I can’t do the dishes or my laundry… I have no idea how I’m going to do my laundry. I’ll figure it out.

However, I guess the plus of all this is that I’ve been getting everywhere earlier than usual because I have the feeling that getting ready will take longer than usual. This is definitely something I’ve been trying to work on for awhile.


2 thoughts on “Temporarily handicapped

  1. moosh says:

    how are u still able to type?

  2. I type with my left hand mostly…but today (when my splint isn’t on) I’ve been typing with both hands…rather 9 fingers because it feels weird when I try to type with my pinky.

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