Why I’m wearing a splint…

Sooo, yesterday afternoon, I was playing baseball (technically softball) with some of the people from choir (we were having a picnic/party/field trip). Of course, they needed more girls on the teams so, me being brought up to enjoy sports and to be active, I volunteered because last year’s baseball game was so much fun. I step onto home plate and get ready. The pitch came and I hit it! I began to run but didn’t even make it 2 feet off home plate. I slipped and plunged into the ground. The game halted, but as soon as I got back up, they threw the ball to first… =/ “All for nothing” I kept repeating to myself.

The strangest feeling ever was when I really got to look at my hand. It was involuntarily shaking and it was rather difficult to move my pinky. I looked at it in fear… “what did I do to it?”


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