When I really think about it…I have a different kind of “intelligence” that most others.

Intelligence (as defined by Gottfredson in 1997) = the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly, and learn from experience.

From this list, the only things I really need to work on are: solving problems, thinking abstractly, and comprehending complex ideas. The other things I do fairly well, I think.

Solving problems is an issue because I don’t tend to say what I think about situations. I guess I can’t really blame the way I was brought up, even though I was brought up to not really talk back (not that adding my input is “talking back”). But, I was brought up as a quieter person. I followed “orders” and everything was peachy. I saw no reason to protest because it all made sense. Also, I have this fear of being wrong and I get embarrassed easily.

Thinking abstractly is an issue because I tend to stick to solid, concrete things. It’s safe to say that abstract things are a bit difficult for me to comprehend, even if all the facts about something are true. I need solid evidence. This also follows my fear of being wrong because of misinterpretation.

Comprehending complex ideas follows the thinking abstractly issue I guess. I am a very literal person and I’d rather hear something straight-forward and prosy than decorated and figurative. I’m dull, I admit it.

It’s also difficult for me to talk to people sometimes (this is unfortunately becoming more noticeable to me). Although I know a person for over a year, small conversation tends to be demanding for me to start. This is especially hard to do when the other person is as quiet as me or when I’m tired because then I just don’t want to think at all. However, if someone I know (or don’t) begins a conversation and is fine with keeping the conversation going, I’m comfortable enough to keep talking.


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