Height challenged

1. Don’t you just love it when two people (one in front, one in back) talk above your head?

2. Don’t you love it when cashiers don’t see you and they call out for the next person in line when you’ve been standing there for a while?

3. Don’t you love it how people push you around on the bus or don’t “see” you because you’re shorter than the average person?

4. Don’t you love hemming your pants because nothing ever fits right?

5. Don’t you love how you must choose your outfits wisely or else you’ll look even shorter?

6. Don’t you love how everyone uses you as an armrest?

7. Don’t you love being told to sit in the b*tch seat (for those of you who don’t know, it’s the middle seat) in the back seat of the car because you’re the smallest?

8. Did you know that shorter people are also less likely to be considered for jobs than taller people?

9. Don’t you love it when your taller friends gain weight and it doesn’t show, but, when you gain weight, everyone can see it?

Yeah, it sucks right?

Why can’t people be more aware/accepting of others? I guess I should be the one to start being tolerant of others and maybe, just maybe people would follow my example.

…I literally felt like I could cry this afternoon when the first two things mentioned above happened to me within 15 minutes of each other.

But you know what? I won’t let it get to me because I AM WHO I AM. I was obviously made this way because I can take it. I can handle everything that comes with being my size. I bet if you were my size you wouldn’t be able to last one day at this height.

And for all of you who laugh…get off my back for being a b*tch. There is a reason why I must put on a tough facade sometimes and it’s because people don’t take me seriously. I’m this tiny, cute, little Asian girl who will always be seen as petite, who will always be looked past/through/above, and who will always be carded. [There was more profanity in here, but I decided to edit it.]

I know I’m short! Deal with it!

Okies, ciao for now! =]


One thought on “Height challenged

  1. moosh says:

    you’re fun-sized =]

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