Seriously?! All right so this afternoon I was walking to Jamba Juice to go get a smoothie and a pretzel before my 2 PM. I was wearing jeans and a shirt and my “fly” sunglasses. Yeah, I feel hot in them…I’m not going to lie. Anyway, as I was walking by the student center stage, out of the corner of my eye I saw this guy wearing a jersey (I didn’t see what team, so don’t ask) moseying by in the opposite direction. As I walked by, I heard him call out suggestively in his “man” voice “…hey…” and I immediately rolled my eyes. I saw him coming from “a mile away” in that jersey. Honestly, don’t wear a jersey unless you’re going to an actual game. It’s not cute or manly or what have you.

What a douche… haHA I never use that word, but I’m now starting to like it! Is that bad?

Oh, and then he whistled to try to get my attention, but the sucker didn’t get any. I kept walking. I was on a mission to get my Jamba and go to class.

I guess that was a slight improvement from the car yelling, but still…no way to approach a woman.


One thought on “Whistle

  1. moosh says:

    u gotta be careful when ur struttin’ ur stuff cuz guys will get all up on that haha. most of the time its the jackasses that’ll wanna jump that.

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