Something that never EVER happens to me happened last night at 9:45 PM. It was quite a nice, warm day yesterday and so I wore a t-shirt with a jean miniskirt and my Rainbow sandals. I had a performance with CDL so I changed into our purple shirt instead of the one I wore previously in the day. After the performance, it was a bit breezy, although not too cold, and I just threw on my Brisa (my hall in Mesa Court last year) sweatshirt and put the hood on.

I was walking by the Bren Events Center with one of my good friends when a car came speeding by. Some stupid guy and his friend yelled out the window “WHORE!” and drove off… After shaking off the initial fright that I experienced from this sudden remark, I turned around and responded… “F*CKER!” Quite a response from such a petite girl. My friend and I actually began laughing because we had both jumped out of total surprise. Also… I am anything BUT that…

I admit it. I can be a b*tch if I wanted to…but seriously? A whore??? Okay, guys, I hope you were drunk. Why did you have to say that as you were speeding away? Were you scared of what I would do to you? Would a tiny Asian girl really be able to hurt you? Haha, well, you never know. Maybe I’m a ninja and I could’ve really f*cked you up. Still…why couldn’t you have just said it to my face? I can take it. I know that I’m not one.

Be a man. Grow some balls. Hah…college guys…


One thought on “W-H-O-R-E

  1. moosh says:

    what are you kidding? you’re already a ninja. you woulda messed them up. they got off lucky. =P

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