Update on my emotions… BLISSFUL!

Sooo this is probably because yesterday was such a pain in the butt, but today, and especially tonight, was lovely!!!!! =D

Started off with… finding out that my one and only class on Fridays was cancelled, making a Starbucks run after food shopping at Trader Joe’s, kicking a new soccer ball around the apartment with my roommate, learning/teaching choreography for a solo Charleston routine for swing club, singing at a dress rehearsal for a senior recital I’m in, swing dancing at Atomic Ballroom (only the most crackin’ place on Fridays!), and concluded with… a delectable breakfast at IHOP with good friends who also love swing dancing… It couldn’t get any better!

Although my bruises hurt and my knees and feet ached, I was complimented, smiled at, laughed with, and thrown all night! Thrown meaning aerials of course! Not to mention… besides much needed breaks, I danced almost EVERY SONG!!! That was the best part! Oh, swing dancing, how I love thee!

I must say goodnight now… Peace ♥


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