Relay for Life

All right, so I should be working on a blog for school, but this takes more precedence over it (even though the other is for a grade… yikes).

My a cappella group at UCI called Clair de Lune A Cappella is participating in Relay for Life on April 24-25. I went to the team captain meeting today to take notes and whatnot for one of the girls who couldn’t make it. Let me just say that it brought back some scary memories. Relay for Life, run by the American Cancer Society, is a big funding event to support research to save the lives of people living with cancer and to do other things to try to stop cancer in its tracks.

It brought back memories of my dad. I don’t know if you know (or even care) but my dad passed away in 2001 from stomach cancer. Remembering his struggle…remembering him getting weaker…remembering his face and body becoming more and more thin…remembering him being bedridden… Thinking about this is really scary. It’s really sad. It’s really difficult to think about. It’s even more difficult to talk about to someone, even someone close to me. I don’t want to remember the hurting. I don’t want to cry. I don’t want to remember my mom crying. That’s the worst part.

Do you know what song hits me hard? “Dance With My Father” by Luther Vandross… The lyrics are so true and so powerful… It gets me to tears every time… Of course, I had to listen to right now…so now I’m crying. Great.

It just sucks that there must be something bad, like cancer, to actually help people discover and appreciate something good, like life.


One thought on “Relay for Life

  1. moosh says:

    aww i never knew that about your dad. (big hugz!)

    I wanted to do relay for life but i wasn’t sure what my schedule would be like for this month so long ago.


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