5 Habits of Happy People!


How do people achieve happiness? How do you define happiness? What makes me so happy all the time?

I’m going to elaborate on a Yahoo page I read earlier… 5 habits of happy people even the biggest grump can borrow

I definitely think that people these days need to relax and just enjoy their lives more. People are always so stressed out and worrying about every little thing. What’s the point? Your life could change at any moment, so savor each second of it! When you have a more positive outlook on your life, you’ll learn to accept, learn, and thrive. Once you change your perspective, you’ll be more at peace and freer.

Reaching out – I’m definitely someone who loves interaction – whether it be through words or not. I believe that physical actions say just as much as words themselves, if not more. Friends and family are always there to help me and support me and encourage me in whatever I do. I know that I often say that I’m really independent and whatnot, but, honestly, without my friends and family I’d be nowhere right now. Lost in my own thoughts and confused about what I should do. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone. I don’t know much about romantic relationships, but I have many platonic relationships and they are fabulous. It’s so nice to joke around and laugh with them whenever I’m able to.

Be thankful – I try to pray every night, unless I forget because I’m thinking about other things or I’m just too tired to do so. I try to just thank God for all that I have… for everything that fills my life with joy… for the little things that make life worth living… for the people who surround me and love me… for the roof over my head, a warm bed, food, clothes… for everything about me (my talents, my abilities, the way I see things). They are all a part of what makes me me, so I’m thankful for everything in my life. There are too many people in other countries who can’t afford what I can afford… who can’t go to school… who are cold and hungry… who are ill and diseased… who don’t have others to help them and take care of them. When I feel like I don’t have enough or I’m sad about my life, I imagine what life would be like if I couldn’t even have what I have. I can dream and wish and it might be obtainable, whereas they can hope and wish all they want, and it probably isn’t obtainable. Why shouldn’t I be thankful for everything I have?

Live your passions – One of the best things about college is that I have found a specific area/group/department on campus which I love more than the others on campus. I have so many friends involved in the arts, especially in music. I love it! I surround myself with people who love what they do. I love to sing and make beautiful music with people who share the same interests as me. I love going to rehearsal because I have fun with my friends there. I love to dance because it’s fun, it’s exercise, and it’s something I’m fairly good at all at the same time. I catch things easier than most and it makes the physical exertion and sweat totally worth it when I see the smiles on my friends’ faces. I love performing and it’s even better when I like practicing and when I know everyone I’m performing with. I often wake up wishing that I can become a better singer, dancer, and performer. It’s what I love to do and it’s what I love filling my life with. I’ve found my niche and it’s so wonderful!

Make do – Until I got to college, never have I ever loved shopping. I just didn’t feel like I needed anything. I was complete. I was very happy about my life and what I had. I didn’t want my mom to spend anything on me. It wasn’t necessary for my happiness because I had enough. I wore what I had and, although I’d get tired of it, I was fine with it. I have an older sister and sometimes she’d give me her old stuff. That was fine too. I didn’t need new, shiny things to be happy. Not that I need them now, but I do enjoy shopping now because I’m more comfortable with my body shape. Oh, that’s probably one of the reasons why I didn’t exactly enjoy shopping. I was unsure of my body and wasn’t fully confident in it. I know better now and I’ve come to accept what I look like. =]

Enjoy the simple pleasures – Okay, I have an entire blog post on this (https://rachellaenchantd.wordpress.com/2010/01/06/the-tiniest-of-things-are-the-best/). The simplest things are the most abundant in our lives. They are the things that happen most often. They make life beautiful! Seeing a smile from a stranger, hearing a baby’s laugh, eating a piece of chocolate, hugging someone, completing a homework assignment (sorry I had to throw this in there), getting a comment on a picture on Facebook (this too), seeing your hair fall exactly the way you want it to… These tiny things are what get us through our days. They help us realize (when we want to) that we don’t need huge and expensive things to live full lives. We can genuinely be happy because happiness brought about by those huge, expensive things is fake happiness that only comes around when we buy. That isn’t true or real happiness. Happiness can be captured in the tiniest of things!

Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” ~Abraham Lincoln

Pictures I’ve taken of the tiniest things that make me happiest:

☮ ♥ ♫


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