One of the most exhilarating things happened to me today!

I took a chance with my mom, sister, and brother and we decided to go simulated skydiving at iFly Indoor Skydiving in Union City this afternoon. Ohmygoodness it was one of the scariest, coolest, and happiest things I’ve done in awhile! The feeling that you’re not in control of your body… you’re in mid-air… you don’t know how easy it will be to breathe. I was so nervous and unsure of myself… whether or not I’d enjoy it. However, deep in my mind, I knew I’d enjoy the thrill.

You walk up the stairs and immediately see a couple flying in the air chamber. They look so uniform in their jumpsuits and helmets and goggles… and, of course, a bit funny because their cheeks were rippling in the high wind. They were doing cool turns and flying around vertically. It was amazing! Then, at the end of that session, the instructor goes solo. He did backflips and went to the very top of the chamber and came hurling down really fast… then ran up the wall and backflipped out the door.

It was time for my group to enter the bench just outside the air chamber. We all sat down and waited for the generator to kick in. The instructor told the first man how to enter and he did. He did fine and the next couple people went. There were two little boys in our group. They looked like they were having a blast so I said to myself that it probably wasn’t as bad as I thought. My family was last. My sister went and smiled the entire time. It was then my turn… of course, as soon as I entered the chamber, I forgot EVERYTHING he had instructed us to do. I jumped in and the instructor dude Trevor had to pull at my arms to open them from their closed position you are supposed to use to enter. I was flying! My body position was pretty good, although it looks a bit more arched than most people in the DVD (yes, there’s a DVD!). I was having a ball flying up and down and being spun by Trevor. Then my brother went in after me. He had to relax a bit more, but did fine as well. Finally, my mom went into the chamber, and she was so adorable flying around in there. The entire group got another chance and we all got to go in again. This time, Trevor took us all the way up the chamber and down again repeatedly. THAT was hilarious and exciting! The only thing that was a bit difficult for me was breathing. It wasn’t that I couldn’t breathe… the air was blowing around me so fast and furiously (haha) that my mouth and throat dried out easily. Besides that, the whole thrill of simulated skydiving was so exhilarating. I actually would like to go again! Like I really, really want to go again! I want to see if I can get it right next time and do those controlled movements. It was interesting to learn that by moving one arm or one shoulder or leg, you shift your entire body and you can go in various directions. I want to do a backflip next time! It was sooo fun!!! Btw, there’s an iFly in Hollywood… Let’s go!!!!!

If you go to UCI and want to see the DVD, I’ll bring it down when we resume school again! It’s hilarious!!!!! =D


One thought on “ExcitedNervousScaredExhilaratedRelieved

  1. moosh says:

    I wanna see this DVD haha =]

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