5 Habits of Happy People!


How do people achieve happiness? How do you define happiness? What makes me so happy all the time?

I’m going to elaborate on a Yahoo page I read earlier… 5 habits of happy people even the biggest grump can borrow

I definitely think that people these days need to relax and just enjoy their lives more. People are always so stressed out and worrying about every little thing. What’s the point? Your life could change at any moment, so savor each second of it! When you have a more positive outlook on your life, you’ll learn to accept, learn, and thrive. Once you change your perspective, you’ll be more at peace and freer.

Reaching out – I’m definitely someone who loves interaction – whether it be through words or not. I believe that physical actions say just as much as words themselves, if not more. Friends and family are always there to help me and support me and encourage me in whatever I do. I know that I often say that I’m really independent and whatnot, but, honestly, without my friends and family I’d be nowhere right now. Lost in my own thoughts and confused about what I should do. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone. I don’t know much about romantic relationships, but I have many platonic relationships and they are fabulous. It’s so nice to joke around and laugh with them whenever I’m able to.

Be thankful – I try to pray every night, unless I forget because I’m thinking about other things or I’m just too tired to do so. I try to just thank God for all that I have… for everything that fills my life with joy… for the little things that make life worth living… for the people who surround me and love me… for the roof over my head, a warm bed, food, clothes… for everything about me (my talents, my abilities, the way I see things). They are all a part of what makes me me, so I’m thankful for everything in my life. There are too many people in other countries who can’t afford what I can afford… who can’t go to school… who are cold and hungry… who are ill and diseased… who don’t have others to help them and take care of them. When I feel like I don’t have enough or I’m sad about my life, I imagine what life would be like if I couldn’t even have what I have. I can dream and wish and it might be obtainable, whereas they can hope and wish all they want, and it probably isn’t obtainable. Why shouldn’t I be thankful for everything I have?

Live your passions – One of the best things about college is that I have found a specific area/group/department on campus which I love more than the others on campus. I have so many friends involved in the arts, especially in music. I love it! I surround myself with people who love what they do. I love to sing and make beautiful music with people who share the same interests as me. I love going to rehearsal because I have fun with my friends there. I love to dance because it’s fun, it’s exercise, and it’s something I’m fairly good at all at the same time. I catch things easier than most and it makes the physical exertion and sweat totally worth it when I see the smiles on my friends’ faces. I love performing and it’s even better when I like practicing and when I know everyone I’m performing with. I often wake up wishing that I can become a better singer, dancer, and performer. It’s what I love to do and it’s what I love filling my life with. I’ve found my niche and it’s so wonderful!

Make do – Until I got to college, never have I ever loved shopping. I just didn’t feel like I needed anything. I was complete. I was very happy about my life and what I had. I didn’t want my mom to spend anything on me. It wasn’t necessary for my happiness because I had enough. I wore what I had and, although I’d get tired of it, I was fine with it. I have an older sister and sometimes she’d give me her old stuff. That was fine too. I didn’t need new, shiny things to be happy. Not that I need them now, but I do enjoy shopping now because I’m more comfortable with my body shape. Oh, that’s probably one of the reasons why I didn’t exactly enjoy shopping. I was unsure of my body and wasn’t fully confident in it. I know better now and I’ve come to accept what I look like. =]

Enjoy the simple pleasures – Okay, I have an entire blog post on this (https://rachellaenchantd.wordpress.com/2010/01/06/the-tiniest-of-things-are-the-best/). The simplest things are the most abundant in our lives. They are the things that happen most often. They make life beautiful! Seeing a smile from a stranger, hearing a baby’s laugh, eating a piece of chocolate, hugging someone, completing a homework assignment (sorry I had to throw this in there), getting a comment on a picture on Facebook (this too), seeing your hair fall exactly the way you want it to… These tiny things are what get us through our days. They help us realize (when we want to) that we don’t need huge and expensive things to live full lives. We can genuinely be happy because happiness brought about by those huge, expensive things is fake happiness that only comes around when we buy. That isn’t true or real happiness. Happiness can be captured in the tiniest of things!

Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” ~Abraham Lincoln

Pictures I’ve taken of the tiniest things that make me happiest:

☮ ♥ ♫



I don’t understand why people cry to other people… Sure, I’ve done it when I’ve hurt myself physically and when something as dramatic and tragic as what I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts happened… but maybe it’s something I have to experience first-hand. A bad ending to a relationship? I’ve never had one. I guess I just don’t understand why anyone would want to cry to someone. I guess it’s more for support and encouragement that what they did was the right thing to do, but I’d rather cry alone. I don’t see the need to cry for hours on end. Besides, I hate my crying face. The scrunched up face that everyone makes? Yeah, I don’t like seeing mine so I hate it when others see it too.

Here’s how I cry: once I get the feeling that I need to release something, I just watch the SYTYCD breast cancer dance choreographed by Tyce Diorio and the judging afterward and that’s enough to get me crying for a good 5-10 minutes. After that, I’m done. I don’t need comforting because it’s an issue that I’ve dealt with in the past. I’ve learned how to deal with those emotions and thoughts that run through my head when that situation happens.

Maybe that’s the thing… I’ve only experienced something tragic once and those tears definitely streamed out hard. Sometimes I still feel like crying about it, but what’s the point? Nothing’s going to change. Nothing’s coming back into my life. Nothing’s going to be the same again. I’ve accepted it and I’m still moving on. That was enough to make me realize I have to be strong and continue to grow and learn from it. I’ve become more independent and rely mostly on myself for my own happiness. Happiness. That’s something I find in everything I do. If there’s no happiness in something I set out to do, I quit. I don’t see the need to do something I don’t enjoy, so that’s why I try to make the most of what I do. I try to be optimistic, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. Whatever. I move on.

It sounds like I’m numb and devoid of all emotion. I’m not… I promise! I guess that’s why I smile… to hide my true feelings. Smiling makes others think I’m fine. Smiling makes others think of me differently – as someone happy and not “broken”. Smiling is the sneaky way of hiding myself. My sad self is masked by the pretense that all is fine and peachy.

Gosh, darn it… Another deep post.

By the way, that dance piece is a really beautiful piece and has a very special place in my heart! You should watch it like now… NOW! Here’s the link: SYTYCD Breast Cancer Tribute.

Hold on to life…

Grey’s Anatomy…

…was especially intense…

and thought-provoking tonight.

*Memorable quotes from tonight’s episode:

“Death isn’t scary… hope is. Hanging on to hope may make [healthy people] feel better, but it makes [cancer patients] feel alone.” ~Woman with cancer… I can totally relate to this quote. People who have had someone close to them die – whether it was from cancer or not – understand how death can be very frightening. However, the ones who are dying accept their fate. They know what’s inevitable and they know there’s no going around it. They can only enjoy the rest of their time here. Hope can be a good thing in the beginning of their diagnosis. But if they had any hope in them in the later stages, they would only be disappointed and depressed. It’s almost better to not hope… to not be optimistic… just in case.

“I’m not scared… so why are you?” ~Woman with cancer… This quote really hit me hard. It’s something that my roommates have asked me before… about my shyness. Knowledgeably, they ask why I’m so scared of what others think. When I say “I don’t know” then they ask “then why are you scared?” It’s true! If I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is I’m afraid of, then why should I have any inhibitions? Hmm, this doesn’t exactly relate, but it made me think of this situation.

“You have to hold on to that moment.” ~Dr. Hunt… This quote reminded me of everything I’ve said in previous blogs. We can’t afford to regret… we must live in the moment. It may be all we have with the people that surround us… the people we love. Let’s go back to my New Year’s Eve blog for a moment… Happy New Year. This is the majority of it:

Reinvent yourself.

Be who you want to be.

Be comfortable with who you are.

Do what makes you happy.

Don’t look back.

Don’t hold back.

Take that first step.

Say what you need to say.

Appreciate what you have.

Love everything.

It fits…

Anyway, what a freakin’ amazing episode!!!!! I want to watch more now!

The song that’s currently playing is “When All Is Said And Done” sung by Tyrone Wells… I used to sing this in my high school choir. Sooo thought-provoking and beautiful! ♥


One of the most exhilarating things happened to me today!

I took a chance with my mom, sister, and brother and we decided to go simulated skydiving at iFly Indoor Skydiving in Union City this afternoon. Ohmygoodness it was one of the scariest, coolest, and happiest things I’ve done in awhile! The feeling that you’re not in control of your body… you’re in mid-air… you don’t know how easy it will be to breathe. I was so nervous and unsure of myself… whether or not I’d enjoy it. However, deep in my mind, I knew I’d enjoy the thrill.

You walk up the stairs and immediately see a couple flying in the air chamber. They look so uniform in their jumpsuits and helmets and goggles… and, of course, a bit funny because their cheeks were rippling in the high wind. They were doing cool turns and flying around vertically. It was amazing! Then, at the end of that session, the instructor goes solo. He did backflips and went to the very top of the chamber and came hurling down really fast… then ran up the wall and backflipped out the door.

It was time for my group to enter the bench just outside the air chamber. We all sat down and waited for the generator to kick in. The instructor told the first man how to enter and he did. He did fine and the next couple people went. There were two little boys in our group. They looked like they were having a blast so I said to myself that it probably wasn’t as bad as I thought. My family was last. My sister went and smiled the entire time. It was then my turn… of course, as soon as I entered the chamber, I forgot EVERYTHING he had instructed us to do. I jumped in and the instructor dude Trevor had to pull at my arms to open them from their closed position you are supposed to use to enter. I was flying! My body position was pretty good, although it looks a bit more arched than most people in the DVD (yes, there’s a DVD!). I was having a ball flying up and down and being spun by Trevor. Then my brother went in after me. He had to relax a bit more, but did fine as well. Finally, my mom went into the chamber, and she was so adorable flying around in there. The entire group got another chance and we all got to go in again. This time, Trevor took us all the way up the chamber and down again repeatedly. THAT was hilarious and exciting! The only thing that was a bit difficult for me was breathing. It wasn’t that I couldn’t breathe… the air was blowing around me so fast and furiously (haha) that my mouth and throat dried out easily. Besides that, the whole thrill of simulated skydiving was so exhilarating. I actually would like to go again! Like I really, really want to go again! I want to see if I can get it right next time and do those controlled movements. It was interesting to learn that by moving one arm or one shoulder or leg, you shift your entire body and you can go in various directions. I want to do a backflip next time! It was sooo fun!!! Btw, there’s an iFly in Hollywood… Let’s go!!!!!

If you go to UCI and want to see the DVD, I’ll bring it down when we resume school again! It’s hilarious!!!!! =D

Done with finals… appreciating life… finding new music… discovering myself once more…

I can’t believe this quarter is finally over! I’ve been wanting this quarter to end since about Week 8… Yeah, that’s bad but, you know…

However, it makes me sad to know that I won’t be having Musicianship anymore (even though I’m not a music major… haHA!). I talked to my professor (who also is the professor for next quarter) and he told me that I could sit in on classes and labs this next quarter if I wanted to. Yay! I know it must sound strange that I’m so enthusiastic about the class even though I’m not a major, but I feel the class really helped me. Soooo, I had my Musicianship oral final on Monday and I think I did fairly well… considering it one of the classes I should’ve worried less about. I practiced the singing and rhythm handouts a good amount. The singing came easier, of course, because I’m in choir and in an a cappella group where we basically sight-sing every piece of music we learn (then we use the piano later down the road). The rhythms however were another story. The 6/8 was fine, but the 5/8 sucked… I practiced sooooo much, and I still got lost and hesitated and did everything you’re not supposed to do. Hopefully, everything else I’ve done for the class this quarter will keep my grade up!

Anyway, I must admit that I hardly ever payed attention in my Psych and Anthro classes… Horrible, I know. It’s especially bad because I want to switch majors to psych! Haha… well, we’ll see. So, here’s my “bad student” story… I had to write an 8-10 page paper for Anthro and turn it in by 5 PM on Monday. I started the night before (of course!) and finished exactly at 5 PM. I speed walked (because running totally gives me away that I’m a sucky student) all the way across Aldrich Park to the general Social Ecology area… I had hoped that SBSG was somewhere near there. I was right! Yay! I ran up the stairs and got to the room slightly red and breathing heavily. To my surprise, all the boxes with the TA’s names were still outside the room, AND a whole bunch of essay were in them… meaning that 5 PM was a lie!!! Hehe I put my essay under a couple and walked out… realizing after I walked out the door that one of the three people sitting and talking outside the room was a TA for the class… oops. Anyway, I had my Psych final Tuesday at 10:30 AM which was fine. I started the study guide on Saturday night and finished Sunday night and read it once through on Monday night. I believe that was a good amount of “studying” and so went straight into the final with just that. Within the first half hour, I had finished 36/50 questions and began the journey into the depths of my brain to try to answer the other questions. I finished the rest within the next half hour and walked out of BS3 enjoying the sunshine with a smile on my face. There’s nothing better than leaving a classroom feeling good about the exam, the day, the end of finals and the quarter! YES!!!!! =P

An update on my “love” life… Jealousy has hit hard! I don’t want to reveal names or anything, so I’ll just leave it at that. I’ve felt this before and it sucks. I get really b*tchy at times like these and I apologize to my friends who put up with me and to that person whom I don’t actually know. You might be a really cool person and even a sweetheart, but for now… Grrrrr… It’s on.

I’m slightly dozing off right now… but I must keep writing! Okay, so I’m taking a road trip up to my city – the lovely San Francisco – on Saturday with one of my good friends! I’m sooooo excited!!!!! =D I’ve been wanting and waiting to go home for awhile now! I miss my mommy and my brother and my sister! Anyway, where was I going with this? Oh, umm, I was deleting, adding, and rearranging songs in my IPOD’s playlists for that particular trip. I always find it easier to listen to playlists when the song “flow” into each other. Do any of you do that??? Please tell me I’m not weird and that you do it too. I waste A LOT of time doing this… I guess I’m just really OCD about my music. Ohhh and I’ve recently discovered many new artists so I’m very happy about that! They will make their debut among my friend and I on this road trip to SF. Weeeee! =)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my life and where it’s going and stuff like that. I’m unsure whether or not I can delve that deeply into this right now, so I’ll give you a Reader’s Digest version. I find that most of my actions serve a purpose. In the past month, I did something very bold. Something that I didn’t even know I could do. Something that many of my friends never thought I would do. I still can’t believe I did it… but I’m proud of it! I’m very, very proud of myself! I feel stronger in my emotions and more confident in my actions! It’s a fabulous feeling and I suggest that if you plan on feeling like this anytime soon, being bold gets you there. The nervousness and anxiety that preceded my actions are way more insignificant than the relief and wonderment (hehe wonderment) that followed… A couple weeks ago I felt strange and slightly confused about whether or not I had done the right thing. A dream that I had about two weeks cleared that up. In the dream, my aunt was cutting my hair and do you know how I translated that? I figured out that there was something I needed to let go of. There was something holding me back and I needed to rid myself of it or I’d never grow… I’d never reach my full potential if I was still clinging to whatever it was. Looking back on this past year, I cling to my hair. I use it to hide, to cover, to mask… I decided I needed to follow my dream and chop it off. Squeeeee indeed! About a week and a half ago, I cut about five inches off!!!!! Yes, I did it myself and, yes, it looks pretty darn good! This is the third time I’ve ever cut my own hair… first (almost a year ago), I layered it… second (over this past summer), I cut it and layered… third (a week and a half ago), I cut and layered it. It’s quite fun and, although tiring, I save money! Hey hey hey! Haha, yeah, I enjoy it! And if I don’t like it… I can cut more off! It doesn’t matter. Oh, and if you know me and you don’t like it… Don’t look! I love it and my friends love it and I love them for loving it! =P

So, what do I have to let go of? For now, I’m thinking I just need to be myself and let go of my inhibitions. I’m going to ride with that for awhile and see where that takes me.

Okay, off to bed now! Yay! =)

Ooo fix me, fix me!

Here’s me self-improvement blog! Yay!!!

The biggest problem for me right now is not getting enough sleep. I’ve noticed (and maybe some of you have noticed too) that I’ve been pretty much a zombie for this whole quarter. I have little bursts of energy, but slowly go back to my zoning out. I enjoy being with friends and I feel like I haven’t actually “been” there with them because I zone out so often. Last night, for example, I was at In ‘N Out eating my Cha with other friends who had Yogurtland (haha random, I know) and in the middle of our conversing, I blanked out a few times. It may have been from the many rehearsals I had practically every day earlier in the week, or the actual performing that I put so much effort into it, or maybe I was just tired in general even though it was only 10PM. In any case, I tried really hard to not zone out and be in the moment and I really, really wanted to pay attention. It was just really difficult to do. =/

Another big problem for me is not studying hard/long enough and procrastinating all the time. I’m here at UCI to STUDY, not hang out with friends, or dance, or sing… TO STUDY!!! I clearly need to get that in my head. It’s not fair to my mom who pays for my education to find out that I’m not doing as well as she thought I was. Even though those “study breaks” are necessary in a college student’s life, they shouldn’t be the main focus. Procrastination… Ohhh, how I loathe thee. I thought I had gotten rid of you when I broke that wooden board with the word “PROCRASTINATION” written across it in Physics class senior year of high school (YES, I broke a wooden board with my bare right hand… after a few tries… and it resulted in a nasty bruise that my graduation gown, thankfully, hid). I guess not… You suck.

Something that goes along with the above is I need to work on staying focused and being in the moment. When I think of things I need to do, I need to get it done right then and there. I can’t say I’ll do it later because I’ll forget. I need to just do it and get it over with.

The last thing I’d like to work on is my shyness. I have a huge problem with not being myself and only thinking about what others think of me. I do everything for the purpose of satisfying others. Worrying about this just takes away my time, energy, and joy. I blush like crazy whenever I speak up in class, sing a solo (even when I just audition for fun), see a guy I like, talk about my life, etc. I read about blushing one time that it’s your body’s way of showing others you’re submissive and weak to make others empathize with you and support you. But I don’t want others to empathize with me… I don’t want others feeling sorry for me. I’m a strong and independent woman and I can get by just fine (I think). Don’t get me wrong! I love my friends and family and all those who support me. I just need to find a way to be more comfortable with my actions and my words. What I really need to do for myself is stop worrying about what others think and just do what makes me happy.  I need to say what I need to say. I need to be who I want to be. I need to have faith and believe that what I’m doing is right. The simplicity of even thinking of just satisfying myself is so beautiful. =)

I’ve decided that anything physical about myself can be worked on later. I’m accepting the way I look and, if you don’t like it, don’t look! =P Acceptance of yourself and how you look (along with having faith in yourself) is part of the road to success and happiness.

So, now that I’ve acknowledged my problems, hopefully in time they will be fixed.

“Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Continue to learn. Appreciate your friends. Do what you love. Love as if this is all there is.” ~ Mary Anne Radmacher