I Love You, Period.

I wrote the following post earlier today in the car on my way up to SF…

So, I’ll be honest. Last night I started my period… Whatever guys, get used to it. If you’re ever going to get married, you’ll have to be the one to go buy you woman ibuprofen, tampons, and chocolate. Anyway, so I woke up this morning and had to take ibuprofen quickly so that I wasn’t overrun by my cramps. My horrible, horrible cramps. One of the most excruciating pains ever. Best part of it? There is no best part… It just sucks. All you can do is nothing. I often end up lying on my bed, sometimes rolling around trying to ease some of it (lying flat on my stomach hardly works, but it’s worth a try), trying to breathe but it’s difficult when it feels like you’re getting stabbed in your abdomen every ten seconds, and trying to suppress my moans. I don’t know how I’m ever going to give birth, but I want children, so I’ll grin and bear it. I don’t suppose I get moody when I’m on my period. Just really bad cramps… My mom said she used to get awful cramps AND get moody. I got the cramps while my sister got the moodiness.

However, there are certain times when I just can’t help but get moody as well. After all, the hormones running through me just can’t hold back sometimes. Haha, well, one example is (once again) my sister. I was perfectly fine, maybe a little stressed over taking only 600mg of ibuprofen this morning and not being sure whether or not it would last the eight-hour drive back to SF that awaited me. I know 600mg sounds like a lot for someone my size, but I usually take 800mg. Depending on my cramps, which almost always turn bad really fast 600-800mg is perfect and lasts a good 6-8 hours. Hopefully, I’ll be fine.

On with my story… So, there are some kinds of people who accept what they are given for Christmas and are even really happy for the next couple of hours or days. Then, they look at other people and their joy and are happy for them. I’m one of those kinds of people… My sister is the first half, but not the second half. She always needs to compare what others get to something better. Of course, whenever she gets something and people are happy for her she’s elated. But when I get something, she says “Oh, but you know about blah blah blah? That one is awesome!” All right, what are you trying to say? Mine isn’t good enough? It’s good enough for me. After all, it’s what I wanted, not you. If you think the other one is more awesome, then why didn’t you ask for it for Christmas? Be happy for me, for once. Unbelievable!

This is going to sound bad again, but I was slightly happy last night when she was playing this stupid video game on Wii. Her character kept dying, or not doing what she wanted, and she kept swearing her head off. Seriously, it’s just a game. Relax a little before you pop a vein. It’s nothing to get all stressed out over. You should have seen her! She was ready to kill something! Sure, most people get pissed off a little (even me), especially if it’s a game that you always come back to and spend hours on and then it dies when you’re about to save. But, honestly, it’s a game she plays maybe once a year… She wanted to save it. Really now?! You were getting pissed at a video game that you were hoping to play next year? I’m not sure what you all think, but, to me, it’s not worth it. That’s just her…

Another thing she does is cut people off when they’re talking about something. She would just cut people off and think her words are more important. It’s so annoying… Then it’s like “Umm okay I don’t even remember what I was talking about anymore. Gee thanks.” I’m not sure if she actually has A.D.D. but it sure seems like it. Ugh, that’s awful… me talking about my sister. See what you’re doing to me, Sis?


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