Movies & More On This Christmas Day


So this afternoon my family and I went to see “Avatar” at the Irvine Spectrum. A group of six saw the IMAX 3-D version and my group of five saw the regular version. Ohmygoodness it was amazing!!! I seriously enjoyed every minute of it – except the beginning when I was still trying to figure out what it was about. I literally felt moments of sadness, joy, betrayal, despair, happiness, love… It was wonderfully made. Sam Worthington is pretty attractive too!!! (Maybe even as a Na’vi ;-)… just kidding!) Haha you should see the movie because Worthington is worth it. Seriously though… go see it… NOW!

Onwards! Soooo, new movie “Beastly” should be… umm… strange. “…a modern take on Beauty and the Beast…” All right so how exactly can you do that??? I thought the original version was pretty bomb, but you know how everyone needs a “modern” version of everything these days. Vanessa Anne Hudgens. Sorry to talk bad on Christmas, but seriously?! You couldn’t have gotten a real actress?! She can’t sing, she can’t act, she’s stupid (nude photos of herself… HELLO are you retarded?), and she is NOT pretty… I don’t even know how she’s famous… Ugh, and now she’s getting attention from me because I’m talking bad about her… Anyway, ohhh, and Alex Pettyfer is in it! Super hot British actor!!! But really? I don’t even want to think of them kissing… I’d love to see more of him, but, girl, just disappear. Oooo, NPH! Okay, you gotta love him! He’s amazing!!!!! Honestly, I’m not seeing it until it comes out on DVD. And I’ll only rent it because of Neil Patrick Harris and Alex Pettyfer!

Another thing that happened tonight that bothered me a lot was my sister… I know it’s horrible to rant on and on about what bothers me… ON CHRISTMAS… but I just need to get it off my chest so that I can get on with my night. Okay, here it goes… You can skip this paragraph if you want… I still love Christmas by the way!!! I really don’t mean to bring anyone down. So, tonight my sister decides to wear this pretty cute dark red sweater-dress. It would’ve looked pretty nice if maybe she didn’t eat so much or held her tummy in or if she wore normal stockings instead of fishnets! Really?! On Christmas you’re going to wear fishnets… In front of your grandparents, your aunts and uncles, and your baby cousins who are three-years-old and under??? Okay, sorry but I have to say it… slut. If you would’ve worn that same sweater-dress and those same fishnets another day it would’ve been all good. I know you always love to play up your tango “able-ness” but you don’t always have to. I wore a formal black dress with purple flowers and plain black stockings. Simple. Classy. Appropriate. You should try it sometime.

Okay, get on with your lives!!! I free you from reading about my life. Go make some memories of your own! 😉


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