What I love about life and living:

  • sunsets
  • laughter
  • smiles from friends, family, and strangers
  • sunny days
  • we can savor each moment with pictures
  • we can make music playlists
  • nature
  • movies and music can bring out emotions (make me smile, cry, think)
  • recycling
  • everyone has unique personalities and looks

What makes me happy:

  • dancing
  • singing
  • camping
  • enjoying nature
  • pictures of couples
  • pictures of dancing
  • pictures of funny moments
  • when people have manners
  • when people write nice things
  • when people write on bathroom walls
  • pictures of pianos
  • movies that make me think
  • painting fingernails
  • putting on makeup
  • mirrors
  • eating munchies
  • working out
  • flowing traffic
  • America’s Funniest Home Videos
  • eating good food
  • smelling flowers
  • the smell of rain
  • Post-Its
  • doing laundry
  • taking showers
  • brushing my teeth

What I wish I could do:

  • improv on piano
  • compose
  • write poetry
  • make jokes
  • make good conversation with people I know
  • stop being so awkward
  • sing better
  • draw
  • memorize lyrics better
  • have better stage presence
  • not get stage fright
  • not get motion sickness after 5 minutes of looking down in a car
  • not have back and wrist aches

What I dislike about living (however, I understand that we need these to appreciate life):

  • sadness
  • pain
  • death
  • sickness
  • depression
  • diseases
  • mental illnesses
  • cancer
  • poverty
  • war
  • bombs
  • guns
  • fighting
  • verbal fighting
  • drama
  • when people don’t think before they act
  • when people don’t see the big picture
  • when people are clueless
  • bad exhaust
  • bad traffic
  • how people think it’s okay to litter and leave trash everywhere
  • stinky stuff

I’ll keep adding to this list as time goes by… One can never have too many things to think about and appreciate in life 😉


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