My family celebrated Christmas eve with a popular Chinese dinner “da bin lo” which translates to “hot pot”. What is so great about this is that everyone can sit around the boiling pot in the middle and add whatever they want to the broth-y mix. What I love about it is that everyone always has such a fun time socializing and mingling over dinner. Then after dinner, as people were starting to leave, a quick thought came to my mind…

What would I do without family?

Honestly, I have no idea what I would do. I am so attached to my family and I absolutely love spending time with everyone. Traditional Chinese family = many people = LOUD! I’m used to the volume our conversations reach, I’m used to the memories randomly thrown out of times when my aunts and uncles were younger, and I’m used to the smiles and laughter that are shared throughout our time together.

The four little girls running around and being cute with their little smiles and little voices. Sooo adorable! I just love kids!!! They enjoy everything they do and it’s so easy to make them happy and smile. They have no worries at all; they just want to live and be taken care of. They just want happiness. They trust and, even though they may be extremely naive at times, they believe that all people are good. You and I were once like that… It is so heartening to see them run straight to you with arms wide open. They know you’ll be there for them and not try to trick them or turn away from them. It tells me that they have good homes and are being well-taught about life.

There is a at least a 10-year gap between the older children of my grandma (my oldest uncle, my mom, an aunt, and an uncle) and the younger ones (two uncles and another aunt). They are all all cheery and full of laughter. The older ones gaze upon the little girls and remember how their own children used to be like. The younger aunts and uncles laughing because they look upon the older ones looking at the little ones. So many memories… The oldest little girl reminds all the aunts and uncles of my sister who is the oldest grandchild. I can picture it sometimes. She’s quite a handful; fun but it’s definitely a kind of crazy fun. She’s so lively and is such a character. It’s hilarious to watch my mom’s facial expressions turn from super happy to frowning as she remembers my sister growing up. “She was wonderful, but had her moments…” she says. Love you, Mom! You’ve done well!

Then, my grandparents just taking in all that’s going on; the new technology, the memories, the developing personalities of the children. They’ve lived good lives and it shows in their children (my aunts and uncles) and the way they interact with other family members like my cousins and myself. We’re so full of love and you can tell that my grandparents raised their children in a good home full of support.

Christmas is easily my favorite holiday! I get to spend it with the ones I love most, my family. I am the person I am today because of how they have affected me. Their love and support and happiness have filled my own life. They’ve steered me in the right direction. They want me to find happiness in my life so that I can continue spreading the love. The love they have given me and has always been with me since the day I was born.

I love all of you!!!!! <3<3<3

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Happy holidays! Spend time with your family! They may not show it all the time, but they love you and they love having you in their lives!


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