I was driving in the avenues (SF) with my mom yesterday afternoon and there was this one particular cream-colored house that caught my eye. It was a two-story house that looked like every other one in that neighborhood. What exactly caught my eye? Shiny, silver graffiti spray-painted on the front as well as the sidewalk in front of the front stairs. What it said, no one knows… I tried to understand what the word said, but ended the challenge soon after.

I can understand when the city or the neighborhood (or whatever) hires people to “graffiti” an entire wall for ART. They may have a design or purpose in mind, so it looks decent. But when people just randomly go around and write pointless words everywhere they can reach (I’ve honestly seen graffiti on high ways and near the roofs of some high-rise buildings in SOMA), what are they trying to get at? Are they in a gang and that is their initiation? Are they just trying to spread their name?

What is the purpose of graffiti-ing? How does one muster the courage to deface someone else’s property? What in their right minds were they thinking?! What a stupid act of desperation… Seriously, if you know anyone who graffitis houses, other buildings, even highways… just slap their face!

Why should you be allowed to ruin something? How do you have the right to cause damage to another person’s property? Are you really that stupid?

Try writing something that makes people think. Try creating art. Try doing something useful with your life.

Need I say more?


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